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Stalked: Three intriguing film plots: The Invisible X, The Kill List and The Genesis Code

There are four new films in development that all caught my eye, while none had enough to write about individually, they all have something worthwhile that I want to say about them, and they have a range of names and talent involved so you should watch out for them.

Star wise I'm talking about Hayden Christensen, David R. Ellis, Bryan Bertino, Ben Wheatley, Rachel Weisz and Karyn Kusama.

First, let's look at The Genesis Code which may be the worst film out of them all considering it's being directed by David R. Ellis who directed Snakes on a Plane, however the plot is intriguing. It's based on the novel by John Case (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The film, according to Variety, will follow a National Security expert investigating the death of his sister and her young son, deaths which he doesn't believe to be accidents. The investigation leads him into terrifying genetic experiments, religious cults, and danger for much more than just him.

I've read the book, and while it doesn't quite hit the mark, the story is a superb one that could have been made so much more. So I'm hoping the film will do that, especially with Hayden Christensen leading, but then it's the director of Snakes on a Plane.

Next is the story from Deadline Hollywood Daily that tells us of The Kill List from British director Ben Wheatley who is more known for his television work than anything. He's going to create a horror film about a group of demobbed soldiers now contract killers who, while on a mission, come across a group of devil-worshippers. Now before you just flit over this with casual abandon, do read on, for the plan is to shoot it in a style that would suit Ken Loach, a style of social realism. Bad news is that it's going onto cinematic and DVD release at the same time and the director isn't that well known for features. Still, an interesting idea.

Finally is the film that may well star Rachel Weisz, if it gets the funding together. The Invisible X from Karyn Kusama, the director of Jennifer's Body, will tell the story of a man who turns into a woman and carries the tone of a David Cronenberg film according to the director through MTV. Sounds interesting, but Weisz? Oh dear me, that would shatter the image of her I have in my head.



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