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Update: Super 8 site exposed

Super8.jpgWe heard about the Super 8 viral site for J.J. Abrams new film soon after the teaser trailer was revealed online, which you can see here on Filmstalker, however there didn’t seem to be much to the site, or was there?

Clearly I asked the question which means that there was indeed something more, and I investigated. It took almost two whole days and nights with an extra half day if you count the fact that I accidentally closed the page half way through it running. So what was the outcome? I have it right here so you don’t have to wait.

Update: I actually had the wrong site link in there and no one noticed! Correct site link now and you can try it and see if something new happens!

I have to first admonish J.J. Abrams and his team for this viral Super 8 site, a site which was painful to wait to load, as painful as the old days of a dial-up modem or acoustic coupler, trying to download the largest file you could imagine of the time, or waiting for the biggest Spectrum game to load on audio tape.

So why am I having a go at them? Well they all know the hype and craze that they build around their films, and they do it for a reason, and we love it. However when they release a site that makes you wait for days for it to complete you’re going to see thousands of people trying to find out what the hidden answer is, and that’s a lot of computers left on day and night, like mine.

What’s worst about it is that there’s actually nothing to gain from it.

The site resembles an old school remote terminal running on a generic operating system accessing some computer. You can pull up the print window which displayed the following message for me:

...osting publicity. I can answer your questions.

A terminal window appears at the front of the screen and runs through some initialisation screens and prompts you to continue a few times, throwing up various status messages on the way. Then you’re presented with a loading screen that shows a long list and displays a message on the first box in that list saying “loading x sectors of sectors”.

It’s a long list, and it looks even longer when you see how slowly those sectors load. It’s utterly painful. That’s why I’ve let it run on my computer for days to see what happens, and here’s the answer:

Super 8 Site

You can select that image and you’ll see the full size one over on my Flickr account, and yes, that’s all that happens.

All the external data sectors load, the list completes and nothing else. No window opens, nothing else shows. I tried all the commands suggested at the bottom, tabbed through all the hotspots hitting ‘Enter’ on each, everything really, and nothing more happened.

Feel free to try it yourself, but more than anything you’ll see what I saw, nothing, and have your computer burning your electricity for a few days!

Update: Thanks to one of the Filmstalker regular readers Kate we have found something at the end of that long wait. Once you get to the end you have a command prompt to enter commands, and be aware if you don't clear out your browser's cookies then the site will remember that you've done the hard work waiting for the tape loads before.

When you get to the end of all the tape loads, the menu is displayed again and the cursor blinks. Enter the command:


...and you will see that a printout has been successful, then what comes out? Two newspaper clippings. One of the Rocket Poppeteers and the other of a rather larger article that has a lot of background information. I haven't read them as yet, just managed to put them online for you all.

Here are the pages in smaller format, but select one and you'll see them in large format.

Super 8 Viral Site Paper Page 1 Super 8 Viral Site Paper Page 2

Let us know if you find anything else, and thanks for this Kate. Anyone made any sense of it?



When the site first opens, if you move the first terminal screen you will see another terminal behind it saying
"Print all pages to default printer"
and it will print something off, you will have to print to see what it is!!!!!!

Hey Kate, if you read the article you can see I wrote about that and even provided the message that prints out!


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