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Super 8 teaser trailer in HD secrets revealed

Super8.jpgThe teaser trailer has arrived online for Super 8 in high definition, and that allows us all to run through it almost frame by frame, and when you do there's a nice surprise for everyone to see.

To save you having to do it for yourself, I just have and gathered some screengrabs, so that you can either sit back and wonder, or head to the trailer and see for yourself.

We've already seen the bootlegged version of the trailer, and then like a sad person with no time on their hands, I waited for days for the viral site to reveal something, now I've stepped through the trailer in high definition frame by frame and come up with something very interesting.

If you don't want to see, I suggest you head off and watch the trailer in high definition over at Apple Trailers and forget all about the hidden frames, otherwise look below.

It all happens just after the door is burst open, as demonstrated below - note that all images are selectable and they will open up a larger version over on my Flickr account:

Super 8 Door

So that's the part where the door is about to burst open. Then you go frame by frame and after the camera zooms in there's a big flash of light:

Super 8 Flash

After that there's the face that's soon going to be analysed a million ways:

Super 8 Face

Then the camera pulls out through the other end of the camera and we see the scene of the wreckage continue inside it, a few frames show just that:

Super 8 Frame in Lens 1

Super 8 Frame in Lens 2

Now there are more frames in the trailer to see around this, but I can't really make out anything exciting.

What does this mean? That inside the crate is a boy, an alien masquerading as a boy, or something else? Who knows. It's all part of J.J. Abrams marketing strategy, a strategy that worked well with Cloverfield (Filmstalker review), will it work here?

On the Abrams front, the word is that he's going to keep "tweaking" the teaser and we might actually see more things crop up, I'll keep you aware of it as it happens.

What is that boy all about?



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