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The Day God Walked Away trailer online

TheDayGodWalkedAway.jpgLe jour où Dieu est parti en voyage, or The Day God Walked Away, is a film that takes a very personal look at the Rwandan genocide, telling the story of a mother of two, a Tutsi, who is working for a Belgian family in Kigali when the genocide begins. The family leave her behind and she has to save herself amongst the slaughter.

The film features a powerful performance from the lead Ruth Nirere in what is described as rich and immersive film, and judging from the trailer it's going to be a powerful and emotional film.

The blurb for the film tells us a lot more:

Jacqueline, a Tutsi mother of two of the children, works for a Belgian family in Kigali. The family flees the machete-bearing Hutu thugs, but they can’t protect Jacqueline—they leave her to hide in the attic while looters strip the house bare.

Eventually, Jacqueline ventures out to search for her children and takes refuge in the tall grass near a pond, hiding from the voices that boast of raping and hacking up their victims. There, Jacqueline encounters a wounded man and nurses him back to health, but as he grows stronger her spirit undergoes a disturbing transformation.

Alternately terrifying and lyrical, this psychological study of the effects of a holocaust on a young woman is a powerful departure from previous cinematic treatments of heroism and white guilt coming out of the Rwandan genocide.

Thanks to TrailerAddict for the extended blurb and the trailer, as they provide most of the trailers on Filmstalker. Here's their copy of the trailer for Le jour où Dieu est parti en voyage aka The Day God Walked Away:

The trailer does look visually engaging as well as suggesting that there are going to be some very personal and harrowing moments to the story, a story which will look at the personal viewpoint of the terribly genocide.



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