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The Last Airbender Japanese trailer online

TheLastAirbender.jpgCritics seem to be preparing for the worst from the M. Night Shyamalan film adaptation of The Last Airbender, probably because they are still sitting there expecting The Sixth Sense surprise, and while Shyamalan might be going in different directions and trying new things, they aren't. Granted, The Happening (Filmstalker review) wasn't great, but I've enjoyed his other films.

Now when I heard about The Last Airbender I wasn't that impressed, until I saw the first trailer, and now with this new Japanese trailer, I think I'm sold, and not just by the stunning effects, which are superb.

You should know the story by now, a world is split between four races that have the power to control the elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The Fire race have started a war against the other races and the only hope seems to be a mythical race of people who can control all the elements, a race long dead. Except for one.

Here's the new trailer for The Last Airbender, and while it's a slow starter, stick with it, for it delivers in bucket loads. You can watch it below, found through First Showing:



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