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The Last Exorcism trailer online

TheLastExorcism.jpgThe Last Exorcism is what it says on the tin, the story of a priest who has performed multiple exorcisms in the past and is heading for what is fated to be his last one ever. The reason is unclear, as is the outcome, but it looks like he's set for the hardest exorcism of his life.

Happily following him on the exorcism is a documentary crew, and from the looks of the trailer it won't just be the cameraman in charge of the filming, for at times it looks as though the possessed girl is walking about with the camera.

The trailer for The Last Exorcism is a little disappointing. It sets the scene quickly enough, backwoods location, people don't want them there, a man about to perform his own cure on his daughter, a dead mother who might have been the onset of the possession or caused by it, and the girl herself.

Now that's all out of the way let's show some freaky scenes that resemble a mixture of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the hand-held horror film genre. That's your trailer.

Of course it actually looks good and slightly chilling, but it's not as spooky and unnerving as I had hoped, instead trying to go for the scare factor. Surprisingly though, not a “based on actual events” anywhere to be seen, good on them.

Here's the trailer through Latino Review:



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