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The Tournament gets UK release

TheTournament.jpgThe Tournament was a great sounding film from the outset, with Robert Carlyle, Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu, Liam Cunningham and Ian Somerhalder, it told the story of a tournament held every seven years where the deadliest assassins from around the world converge and the last an standing gains $10,000,000 cash prize and the title of the world's number one gaining them a lucrative status for every contract for the next seven years.

There are a lot of similarities to stories we've heard before, I picked up on Battle Royale before, but there are some strong changes that distance it well enough to make it its own exciting film, and that's backed up by a superb trailer.

Oh, and we're looking at a cinematic release before hitting video.

The trailer, which I posted a little while ago, looked really good, and there's the cast. One of the turns of The Tournament story is the fact that one of the assassins teams up with a priest to try and beat the tournament, not exactly by choice.

It looks a great fun film, and here's the trailer as a reminder.

So it's great news that finally it's getting a UK release, and more than that it's going to get a limited theatrical release on July 9th, according to 24Framespersecond, who also tell us that although the film is full of plot holes it's violent and morally ambiguous, and that sounds great to me.



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