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Twilight Saga: Eclipse French trailer online

TwilightEclipse.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Twilight Saga: Eclipse it's subtitled in French but remains spoken in English and contains some more footage than we've seen before. It also affirms my belief that the effects of the transformed werewolves have been heavily worked on since the last film, and the last trailer, thankfully.

You can see the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer right here, and although I'm not a fan, this is the kind of trailer that could suck me into the series. What do the non-fans think?

There is a great line in it that I'm not sure which way it should be taken. Well, I know the intention, but still it sounds a little off:

“I'm going to fight for you until your heart stops beating”

It sounds almost like a threat!

I'm sure you all know the story by now, Bella is back with Edward (how mismatched are those names for the characters by the way?) and their lives are back to “normal”, well as they were before Ed ran out on her.

She's now trying to be friends with Jacob rather than anything more, and is fighting to get Ed and Jacob to put aside their differences and be friends too, something that I'm sure many of us guys have been through. How many times have I heard that line:

”I just want to be friends”

Okay, it wasn't followed by:

”...even if you are a werewolf.”

I am a little hairier than most, but not that bad. Okay, those aren't actually lines from the film!

Anyway, that's all going on there's actually a story about the battle between vampires and werewolves and a rogue group who are hell bent on so much evil it might actually bring the two groups together rather than apart.

Well that's what it seems to be to me, everywhere else they are focused on the love story, but not so much the trailers, they seem a fifty-fifty split.

Okay, enough, here's the new trailer for Twilight Saga: Eclipse:



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