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Vaughn back in for X-Men: First Class?

MatthewVaughn.jpgI am surprised. Considering the fact that Matthew Vaughn has been able to make anything he wants of late, raising the funding for his films himself and making them success after growing success, you might wonder why he would consider Hollywood, where the budgets and the projects are so tightly controlled by studios and accountants.

Well it looks like he seriously is. After turning down the offer of directing X-Men: First Class just the other day, repeating his turning down of directing X-Men: The Last Stand, and all apparently over creative control. The news is out that he's back in negotiations, and that the studio are offering him the control he wants.

I'd already posted the news about Matthew Vaughn turning down X-Men: First Class over on the Filmstalker Facebook page, and I didn't really think it was much of a surprise, after all when he has complete creative freedom to make films such as Kick-Ass, why would you want to return to the typical controlling Hollywood?

So it's surprising that Entertainment Weekly have the story that he's actually back in negotiations to direct the film.

They say that over the weekend 20th Century Fox returned to Matthew Vaughn to address his concerns over the creative control of the project, and that they have begun negotiations. Of course that doesn't mean that he'll direct, but it's a damn good bet at this stage.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision, they're saying that it was Bryan Singer that got the two sides back together. It was while Fox were trying to get Vaughn the first time around that Singer talked with him and built the connections, and when the deal fell through Singer kept talking to Vaughn and talked the studio into returning with another deal.

While the Entertainment Weekly say that it's all about creative control, something I could really believe, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that it's about money, not just Vaughn's, but for the entire project. They say the interest in the director is the ability to handle multiple storylines and deliver to budget and time.

You'll maybe remember that back on X-Men: The Last Stand a deal had been negotiated between Fox and Vaughn and that he was set to direct, but very close to the time the film came he pulled out citing family reasons, reasons that meant he just couldn't leave the country for an extended period at the time.

That left the film where it left it, and things didn't go as well as planned for the final X-Men. However it obviously didn't leave any bad feelings between the studio and director, or rather seeing him direct young kids in superhero costumes has made them realise that Vaughn could do the same for their young kids in superhero costumes. The only difference is, they have powers.

You can see why the studio might be all over Vaughn, but what could they offer him to come on board that meant more creative control? A real power in the production realm? I don't believe so, Lauren Shuler Donner is pretty locked in there, and while he might get a credit I don't see him taking production control of the film. Writing perhaps?

Now that's what I do see being offered. Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman being offered a chance to rewrite the story any way they see fit, and that would be a bit of a coup for them, and perhaps for the franchise. After all they can ignore a lot of the future X-Men, but they would have to concentrate on the mythology from the comics.

That could be right up Vaughn's street.



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