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Vivaldi film claims affair inspired Four Seasons

JessicaBiel.jpgThinking of a film about the composer Vivaldi I have to say the casting that I first thought of does not include either Jessica Biel or Luke Evans, and yet both are announced as joining the cast of a film called Vivaldi.

Of course the word is that the film will be a tale of forbidden romance, despite featuring the composer Vivaldi at the centre of the story. It all seems a little mismatched.

According to the news the up and coming British actor Luke Evans is set to star opposite Jessica Biel in the story of Antonio Vivaldi and his protégée, singer Anna Tessieri Giro who was his favourite prima donna and one of his many entourage.

The story in Yahoo News says that throughout his life Vivaldi denied any romance, something that historians and scholars believe to be true, so one wonders what this film is intending to show if there actually was no romance between them.

Not only was it not forbidden love, but apparently there wasn’t any love at all.

The key to the story is that this relationship appears to have helped lead him on to create the classic masterpiece The Four Seasons.

Patricia Riggen is set to direct the film from a script by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott, and is being pitched at Cannes this very week.

I find it a shame that a film about Vivaldi and the creation of The Four Seasons has to be distilled to a tale of forbidden love that probably never happened anyway.



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