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Winnie Mandela holding up biographical film

JenniferHudson.jpgWinnie Mandela has asked her lawyers to contact the studio making the biographical film about her to try and gain script approval over the story because, according to reports, she's none too happy about the way the film will portray her.

However, Daniel Roodt, the writer and director of the film Winnie, has revealed that this is one of the reasons that they wanted to not involve her, so that they could tell the entire story of the woman, dark side and all.

Winnie Mandela was the wife of Nelson Mandela and became the leader of the African National Congress during South Africa's apartheid era. She campaigned for her husband's release for the twenty seven years he was in jail, but a few years after release they split, and just a year after his release she was sentenced to six years in jail for her role in a kidnapping case which was reduced to a fine on appeal. Yet after that she was convicted of fraud and theft.

Her life has always been a controversial one, and the film is set to look on that side of her life as much as the positive, something that Willie Mandela seems none too please about. Daniel Roodt says through Deadline Hollywood Daily:

”We don’t shy away from the controversies in her life...It’s not for Winnie Mandela, it’s about Winnie Mandela.”

Boom. Killer quote. In Winnie Jennifer Hudson plays Winnie Mandela with Terrence Howard will playing Nelson Mandela.

It sounds a great film because it appears to be totally uncompromising, and I can only hope that they tell the full and true story, and that the lawyers don't get to hack the script apart. That is, unless the script isn't telling the whole truth. Something that we'll really have to wait and see the film to really tell.



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