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Woman in Black remake in 3D

TheWomaninBlack.jpgI really do promise that I'm going to stop raving about when a film is announced as being in 3D. Although that might mark a moment of quiet acceptance for someone who generally sees little benefit and many negatives in it, I will continue to berate the use when it comes to reviews. However I have to talk about how the British horror remake of The Woman in Black is doing just that, going 3D.

The Hammer Films production will be adapted from the Susan Hill novel and will attempt to rival the cult status of the previous 1989 British adaptation of the story which gained a lot of attention for being intensely creepy and quite horrifying at times, without resorting to the horror tactics we see in films today.

The story sees a young lawyer sent to a remote village to see to the estate of a recently deceased client, something which needs a lot more work than the average job. He ends up working alone in the house, far from any town or village, and begins to uncover some shocking facts, none so shocking as the figure in black whom he glimpses one night alone in the house.

The Woman in Black television adaptation is definitely viewed as a classic, and I do think that the move by Hammer Films to make it into a feature film is a bold one, and could be seen as the wrong one. Of course whatever happens I'm sure it'll survive well on a DVD release.

However it seems that they are banking on something better, or either hoping that 3D televisions are going to swamp the marketplace, something that the Filmstalker readers don't believe is going to happen.

According to the Variety story this morning, Hammer Films have announced that The Woman in Black will be in 3D. However there's something in this production that suggests a little more. This isn't just being produced by Hammer Films, also behind the film are Exclusive Media Group, Alliance Films and one Roy Lee from Vertigo Entertainment.

Now if you don't know who he is then you won't know much about the production of films such as The Departed (Filmstalker review), the Hollywood remakes of the Asian horror films such as The Grudge series, The Ring series, The Echo, The Eye, Dark Water, and so on, there's also Quarantine, How to Train Your Dragon (Filmstalker review), Assassination of a High School President, and if you see his in development list you might wonder how he has the time to eat.

Well he's also behind the production of the film. Seeing something in it that he has in the other foreign horror remakes he's been behind, and something that could mean this could be a production far in excess of that which you might expect from Hammer Films on their own.

Okay, I know some of you don't get too excited by the production side, and you might not think that could have such a big impact on the end film. Let me try you with another couple of titbits then.

Jane Goldman wrote the script. If you dare say who she is I'll...well I'll do nothing because I'm sitting behind a computer screen and can't see you. She's Matthew Vaughn's writing partner and can be credited with Kick-Ass, Stardust (Filmstalker review), and the soon to be written X-Men: First Class, stunning red hair and good looks, and now no longer being mentioned as “the wife of...”.

I've another one for you. James Watkins is directing. He wrote The Descent: Part 2, My Little Eye and Gone, and he wrote and directed the recent horror Eden Lake.

Okay, now I've rolled off that list, things are looking up from the opening aren't they? Still, the only stickler for me is that it's in 3D, and yet after all that I'm wondering if we really are going to see a proper cinematic release for The Woman in Black.

I still don't like the idea and prefer 2D, films can be as engaging and carry depth without throwing things at you, and the fact that this is a recent decision to film the classic story this way also bothers me, but the fact it's not being converted after the fact and with all that talent behind it. Maybe, just maybe.



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