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X-Men: First Class casts big lead

Magneto-Xavier.jpgX-Men: First Class is starting to move forward, while we keep hearing comments from Jane Goldman's husband (yes the dynamic is changing in that family) about her script writing, a new face has arrived in the cast for the Matthew Vaughn directed film, in fact the first face has arrived.

To me it's quite a surprise, not the person I thought it would be at all, in fact nowhere near any of the names I would have assumed would play a younger Professor Charles Xavier.

The news today is that, to replace the excellently cast and wonderful actor Patrick Stewart, they've selected none other than James McAvoy.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision is rather surprising to say the least, and I don't mean from any accent point of view, or even the hair, just from looks. However acting wise, they've picked really well.

What this suggests is that the casting for Magneto, or rather Eric Lensherr, for this film will follow the characters when they were younger and before they took their monikers that we know them by in the current films and comics, it suggests that the casting for younger Magneto is not going to go the way we would expect either.

X-Men: First Class is going to look back towards their younger lives, how they were originally very close friends, and how the rift appeared between them that made them strange enemies. Great first cast choice, but is it who you expected?



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