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Arthur remake cast growing

JenniferGarner.jpgThe three main roles are cast, Russell Brand is playing Arthur, Helen Mirren his butler and Greta Gerwig the woman he falls for, the roles made famous by Dudley Moore, Sir John Gielgud and Liza Minelli respectively. Now there's word of two more roles in negotiations, that of the woman Brand's character is being forced to marry, and the other of her father.

They might not be hugely important roles to the film, but they certainly are some big names, and it shows that there's a desire to make the film big.

The remake of Arthur is almost identical to the original with the lead character being a rich and drunk spoiled Englishman who has been handed a huge inheritance. However there's a catch, he doesn't get the money unless he marries the woman chosen by his mother, and she's chosen a beautiful, wealthy woman who will benefit the family.

The problem is that he's already fallen in love with someone else, and she's poor, not at all the woman his mother would like him to meet or marry.

According to Hollywood Reporter Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte are in talks for the film. Garner would play the rich woman that Arthur's mother wants him to marry and Nolte her father.
It's a strong casting, and while I think there shouldn't be a remake of Arthur, the good news is that they've picked some well matched and strong actors and actresses for the roles, and we could see a modern remake of the film that works.

However I wonder if the comedy will be as subtle and engaging. I'm still thinking that one over as I'm not convinced by the writer or director, what about you?



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