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Atlas Shrugged begins filming

AtlasShrugged.jpgI was a little surprised to hear the news that Atlas Shrugged had begun filming, I had thought that the lead was still in question and it was far from production, apparently not as news comes today it has begun.

However this isn't the version that was coming from Lionsgate starring Angelina Jolie and being directed and rewritten by the strong director and writer Vadim Perlman from the Randall Wallace script.

The huge novel from Ayn Rand has been broken up into three parts and the first part has begun filming with the spokesperson for the production company revealing that they hope to shoot the second part straight after.

This version will star Taylor Schilling from Mercy as the leading role of Dagny Taggart, Paul Johansson from One Tree Hill as Galt, and Grant Bowler from Ugly Betty is set to play Henry Reardon. An interesting television cast, and definitely not the high level cast that the Lionsgate version promised with Angelina Jolie. Edi Gathegi, Jsu Garcia, Rebecca Wisocky, Ethan Cohn, Patrick Fischer, Neill Barry, Christina Pickles and Nikki Klecha also star (I think those links are right, but if they aren't let me know and I'll update them).

The story from Variety reveals the reason that the film started right now, if they hadn't started production by Saturday then they would lose the rights to the story and another company might have picked them up.

So slightly rushed, but it's moving. Not the version I suspect a lot of people were hoping for but a version none the less.

Atlas Shrugged Part One is being directed by Paul Johansson from a script by Brian Patrick O'Toole. There's no word on what will happen with the second film as yet.

Wait, the guy who directed twelve episodes of One Tree Hill is directed and starring in Atlas Shrugged Part One? Really? I had to re-read that to make sure I'd picked it up correctly, because Variety is very guilty of using some form of pigeon English, but apparently so.



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