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Carlos teaser trailer online

EdgarRamirez.jpgWow, this really is a teaser trailer, there's not a lot to it, in fact a mere nineteen seconds. The film is drastically cut from the mini-series which tells the story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, the man who became known as Carlos aka Carlos the Jackal, the internationally renowned terrorist.

Olivier Assayas has directed the mini-series which stars Édgar Ramírez as the man himself and the teaser gives us a hint of him as a terrorist in what looks like a plane hijack.

The Carlos film has been receiving it's fair share of controversy with Ilich Ramirez Sanchez himself criticising the film, but then you would have thought a mini-series of this length would do the story of his life justice, perhaps it's the truth he's objecting to? I guess we won't really know until we see the film and compare it to the truth ourselves.

Here's the tiny little teaser to do just that, tease.



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