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Ceaser cast in Rise of the Apes

AndySerkis.jpgAndy Serkis is set to lead Rupert Wyatt's Rise of the Apes, and by lead I mean he'll be playing the animal once again as he dons the dot covered face mask and spandex suit to create the framework for the CG character of the genetically engineered super-intelligent chimpanzee.

I'm still sore that Rise of the Apes is ignoring the first series of films, something which you think the studio would be wanting to connect with for they are all available in box set and could easily prompt a rise in back catalogue sales.

Still, that's the way they've decided to go, instead of the original source of Ceaser, the ape who leads all apes on Earth to rise against the humans, we're getting the modern day, genetically engineered version.

It's good news, through 20th Century Fox Twitter and Latino Review, that Andy Serkis is continuing his CG character acting and that he's getting more than enough work, and it's also great that WETA are behind the CG work, so we're sure to get some incredibly lifelike creations.

Still, nothing can beat the original with the excellent make-up and effects and the superb time travelling based story. I know that the new version is modernised and fits well, but it breaks from the whole original series of films. It just seems a little strange to me.

What's also worth thinking about is that the set-up from the Tim Burton remake, which doesn't deserve the huge amount of criticism it gains, also sets up another possible beginning, not based on Ceaser, and that too has been ignored.

While many didn't like that film, one good thing is that it kept closer to the original idea of how the apes rose against humans. However we're headed for our second rewrite of the origin with Rise of the Apes.

However let's look at the big positives, James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow and now Andy Serkis are all cast and Rupert Wyatt is directing, and having been impressed by his film The Escapist (Filmstalker review), I'm hoping for quite a bit from this.



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