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Creepy Hierro International Trailer

Hierro.jpgI don't usually take too well to statements like "from the producers of", but when it comes to films like Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage then I'm going to take a little bit of notice. Then there's the trailer which has some pretty creepy moments in it, especially when you know the blurb.

A mother whose son disappeared on an island called El Hierro some three years before suddenly thinks she sees her son in a travelling caravan. So she returns to the island to try and find out the truth of what happened.

So think about that for a moment or two and then watch the trailer below, I think you'll find yourself pretty freaked out, there are some creepy images to be seen.

The film though has been out for some time, first released in Finland in January of last year, then Finland in December and Sweden in April 2010, but no other release since. I don't know if another trailer means it's coming to DVD or if it's getting a chance at a limited cinematic release.

Perhaps if this trailer for Hierro is around then it's a sign that we might just get a chance to see it?



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