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Die Hard V – Die Hard 24/7?

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgAnother Die Hard may well be under way with the strange sounding, and most likely working title of, Die Hard 24/7. According to rumours today the project is a go along with the remake/reboot of the Fantastic Four.

However this shouldn't be surprising news since back in February Bruce Willis talked about the fifth one possibly coming next year and then news in May that a writer was hired for the project.

Back in February Bruce Willis was talking about the fifth and saying that there were discussions already and that he wanted to take this one global. That was early talk, but it was supported by a story in May that a writer was in negotiations to hit the script, and that writer was Skip Woods.

Woods is responsible for a few ups and downs, Swordfish and Hitman (Filmstalker review) were pretty decent action films, X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn't, and then there's the new The A-Team.

There are mixed opinions about the previous Die Hard film, Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) (Filmstalker review), but I tend to think that it was damn good and hit the spot for a Die Hard film, even with the extra CG and the lack of swearing and blood, I loved what they did with it and it had me engaged throughout.

So another one doesn't have to redeem anything in my eyes, but it does have to keep the level up, it would be terrible to end the series on a down note, after all how many more does Willis have in him? With the last film he definitely proved he could do another.

So with us knowing about Die Hard already, AICN come to the fore with a rumour that they think might be true, that not only is Fantastic Four getting a reboot over at 20th Century Fox, which we also heard about before, but that the new Die Hard will be called Die Hard 24/7, for now anyway.

That's an interesting title, for if you think what Willis said in February about wanting the film to go global, that might fit in with that, 24/7 and a worldwide story? Sounds plausible.

Still without a finalised script, director or anyone else on board, the title is a working one, as is the Fantastic Four title of Fantastic Four Reborn.

We knew that the fifth Die Hard was in progress, so I wonder how long it is before we hear something official?



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