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Filmstalker Film Club: Round 9 Voting

Microphone.jpgWhat with the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the flu, and life in general throwing curve balls at me, I've fallen well behind with the Filmstalker Film Club, it's coming though and the backlog of recordings are going to catch up soon to the point where you can email or twitter questions and comments about the film too for us to discuss, or even join in on the Skype call.

In the meantime we're moving forward with the next round which moves onto Steven. As usual he's selected three films for us to vote on and in the next week we'll do just that. Once you've cast your vote that's the film we'll watch and chat about in Round 8 of the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast.

Here are Steven's choices:

Le Trou (The Hole or The Night Watch) Just as 4 cell-mates are about to launch their elaborate escape from a tiny cell, a detainee from a cell-block under repair is transferred in. The 4 all face certain conviction & long sentences. Does the young new jail-mate have the same incentive & if so can they trust him?

Au hasard Balthazar
The film follows the life of the donkey Balthazar as he passes from owner to owner, many of them treating him cruelly, all of them are beyond his pure and simple comprehension. His sad predicament as a beast of burden parallels the life of his first human owner.

Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud's)
The narrator, a devout Catholic, moves to a provincial town and vows to marry Francoise, a pretty blond he notices at mass. Vidal, an old school friend, invites him to visit the recently divorced Maud, and the narrator ends up staying the night.

Now the choice is up to you, select the film that you'd like us to talk about in the next audiocast and we'll do just that. Plus, if you'd like to get involved and get your questions or comments about the film included, it's simple, just get in touch through any of the ways indicated at the bottom of the article and tell us the question and that's that. Simple.

The Audiocast is slipping behind at the moment, I'm just waiting to publish Round 4, and hopefully life has calmed down enough to start posting them every two weeks and catch up so that the round your voting on is the round you'll hear next.

In the meantime you can still get involved. Watch the film and then post a question or comment on the Filmstalker Facebook Page Discussion area, on Twitter, or any other way you care to get hold of me, and we'll talk about it during the audiocast, or if you want to we'll Skype you into the call as a guest caller.

Either way, watch the film and get involved. First though, get voting! You have a week before the poll closes.

You can find all the Filmstalker audiocasts on the Filmstalker Audiocast page.

You can also follow the Filmstalker audiocasts through the Audiocast only RSS feed or directly on iTunes.



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