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First five embarrassing minutes of Get Him to the Greek

GetHimtotheGreek.jpgI am of course saying that the first five minutes of Get Him to Greek are really good, and they get better as the parody of the famous music star moves on, I say it's embarrassing because it is, for all those famous people who behave just like this. Yes you really are like this.

Get Him to the Greek sees the story of a record label intern, played by Jonah Hill, having to try and get the once great rock star, played by Russell Brand, to his Hollywood comeback concert. Problem is he's a complete mess on drugs, drink and women, unable to take responsibility for his own life and just deal with the fact he's really a talentless idiot.

Oh, am I talking about the film there or some of the real stars of screen and song? I'm not sure, but watching these opening five minutes seem like you're watching an ensemble of music and acting “talent” from the real world.

Couple of incredible moments though are the snogging Pink, I'm sure I've had that dream many a time, and Russell Brand waving his willy while standing behind Christina Aguilera? Classic and a moment not to be forgotten.

Rose Byrne looks great too in her role through the opening credits, and the fact that there are so many stars, and that it opens with the British One Show and Zoe Salmon, does make me think that this is more than your average comedy.

There are tons of stars in there too, even Lars Ulrich and Kristen Bell playing none other than Sarah Marshall...I thought he'd forgotten her already?

Here's the first five minutes from Funny or Die through Coming Soon, and I have to admit I did enjoy it, something I wasn't wholly expecting. Oh, and by the way, the language is not conducive to a work or public environment.



Just what I was looking for, regards for posting.


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