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Fright Night remake casting and plot

FrightNight.jpgThe Fright Night sequel is gaining momentum and casting. We've already heard that Colin Farrell will be playing the neighbourhood vampire once played by Chris Sarandon, and Toni Collette the mother of Charlie, the teenager who discovers that his neighbour is a vampire, who is already set to be played by Anton Yelchin. Now though, there are two more key roles cast and a little more has been revealed about the film itself.

The casting for the role of Evil Ed, the best friend of Charlie, and for the famous star whom Charlie turns to for assistance, once played by the great Roddy McDowall, are both revealed, including some plot changes from the original.

Evil Ed is set to be played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, a good choice I believe, and the role of the television horror show star is set to be played by none other than David Tennant, the ex-Dr Who, according to the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision story. Now that is a great choice for the role.

However, there are some changes. Tennant will not be playing a late night television horror show host, but a Las Vegas stage magician/illusionist whose show has a strong horror theme. The more I think about that, the more it sounds like a great idea. There's a lot more that could be done with character than just supplying the understanding of the myths, he could play a bigger role in the film than he did previously.

If that happens then all well and good because Tennant really could nail that nervous, unsure side of McDowall's character while turning confident and self-assured for his “performances”. Yeah, I think he's a great casting choice.

The original Fright Night stars Chris Sarandon as a strange neighbour who moves in next door to Charley Brewster played by William Ragsdale. Charley is suspicious, he sees some strange things going on and before long believes that his neighbour is a vampire.

Both his best friend, "Evil" Ed played by Stephen Geoffreys, and his girlfriend Amy, played by Amanda Bearse, don't believe him, and neither does the man who he approaches hoping to help him kill the vampire, Peter Vincent played by the excellent Roddy McDowall, the late night horror showcase host whose film career has fallen behind him and has become a sad, embittered man. He's about to realise that everything he's been hiding behind on his horror show is in fact real, and the terror they are all about to face is far more terrifying than anything they've seen before.

The changes so far sound interesting, resetting the location to Las Vegas and the change to the character of Peter Vincent sound like good choices. Other rumours I've been reading are suggesting we might see a lot less of the vampire, giving us a creepy, brooding “he's there” sort of feeling rather than bringing him to the fore all the time.

So far it's actually sounding really good and the cast line-up seems a good mix. I'm actually getting rather excited about the whole idea now, aren't you?



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