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Ice Road Truckers the film?

IceRoadTruckers.jpgYou have to have seen at least one episode of Ice Road Truckers, and if you have you've seen the insanity that some of these drivers go through. Okay the series does really amp up the tension something rotten, but the danger is there none the less.

Now it seems that Ice Road Truckers is going to get a chance to come to the big screen and the director of Max Payne, The Omen remake, Flight of the Phoenix remake and Behind Enemy Lines, along with a writer whose name we haven't been given yet, have come up with a treatment for a film version, and 20th Century Fox is interested.

The studio bought the rights for the film version of the television series back in 2008, but nothing has happened since, surprising when you realise what the series was about.

If you haven't seen it then let me tell you. Over a three hundred and fifty mile stretch of frozen water in Northern Canada, truckers set out on makeshift roads, only when the ice is deemed thick enough to support their weight, in mammoth trucks carrying huge pieces of equipment essential for the diamond mining operations in the Arctic. They have to transport around ten thousand loads in just sixty days, before the ice becomes too thin to cross.

The Ice Road Truckers television show does hype up the danger element, often showing graphics of trucks falling through ice to show you what could happen, however the reality is much more controlled and safer. Still, it's a very dangerous job, and the fear is in what could happen, breakdowns, crashes through the ice, whiteouts, etc.

So with that concept John Moore and an unnamed writer have set about with a treatment for a film version of the television series. Speaking about the treatment, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, he says:

"It is very much a tough guy movie...Here's a bunch of characters who tackle problems by getting in there and getting things done. We'll turn it into a mission movie that harkens back to Towering Inferno, Jaws, or The Guns of Navarone. You got a problem, go solve it."

There have been plenty of similarly themed films like this before, and my mind is harking back to the 1978 Convoy almost instantly, what about the 1957 Hell Drivers? Just throw them on ice and you're away.

I can see some mileage in this - haha! - but I'm not convinced by the whole idea, are you? Sure John Moore can carry the action element, and a trucker film with this added danger element would be exciting, but won't we end up with something that's just filled with CG and doesn't really feel like it belongs in our age of cinema?



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