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Lost Boys: The Thirst trailer online

LostBoysTheTribe.jpgI find it hard to believe that when such great projects are getting canned right, left and centre on television and film, that series like The Lost Boys that continue to go downhill at a rapid pace are still being made. Mind you, it would see people are still renting them enough to make money, so why shouldn't they?

Well they shouldn't because bigger, more exciting and interesting projects aren't being made because they won't recoup their entire budgets ten-fold over on an opening weekend, never mind what happens after that on the fourth day and beyond.

Okay, rant aside, there's a new Lost Boys film, called Lost Boys: The Thirst, and it will be going direct to video once again.

Starring Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander as the Frog brothers, we see a tale of vampires trying to destroy the whole of humanity and these two guys are the only ones who can save us all...apparently.

To do that they must Rambo up and get equipped with expensive weaponry and go through all manner of set piece action sequences.

You know what though, the action pieces don't look half bad in the trailer. Really. Considering it's going straight to DVD that is.

Word is, despite what the trailer might suggest, that this new film is going to show us some vampires that break away from the traditional mould of what vampires are and do, with rumours of the vampires being a lot less blood and human fixated than you might think, probably why they are looking to destroy the entire human race who also happen to be their traditional food source.

Pajiba even have a cringe-worthy quote from Corey Feldman on the film, just read this when he talks about what anyone who watches Lost Boys: The Thirst will discover:

”...will know the depths that my art has mirrored my personal strife and how they resurface as one.”

Art? Well, it may look better than the previous film, but I'm under no allusions as to how artful this is.

At least the franchise is desperately trying to cling onto that theme song...although they aren't really managing that well!



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