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Made in Dagenham trailer online

MadeinDagenham.jpgBritain can turn around a film quite well, in February of 2009 we heard about a film called We Want Sex, the story of the women worker's fight for equal pay in the Ford car manufacturing plant in 1968 which saw some eight hundred and fifty workers strike against the sexual discrimination happening in the workplace.

The film has now changed name, the title of We Want Sex was taken from signs they used during a march which were famously shortened from We Want Sexual Equality. Now the title is Made in Dagenham, and the cast is an excellent list of talent.

Sally Hawkins, Rosamund Pike, Miranda Richardson, Bob Hoskins, Richard Schiff, Daniel Mays, Jaime Winstone, Andrea Riseborough, John Sessions, and many more British stars.

Made in Dagenham is written by Billy Ivory and directed by Nigel Cole, the director of Calendar Girls. It was originally set to be directed by Simon Curtis.

The story is an interesting one in history, and an important one, but watching the trailer I am feeling like I'm watching something very akin to Calendar Girls, what do you think? Despite that, it's a great British film that I'm definitely going to be watching, but I just can't feel the excitement as yet.

Here's the trailer through The Playlist:



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