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Martyrs remake producer reveals scary facts

Martyrs.jpgOne of the first scary facts that Wyck Godfrey, one of the producers behind the American remake of Martyrs reveals is that he wants Kristen Stewart to play one of the twins in a film he says can't be remade in the original form.

It's not surprising as, despite being the producer on a real mix of films, he's also the producer on Twilight. So there's your connection to his desired star.

While people are disbelieving at the idea I think that after audiences see The Runaways they might consider things in a different light. I haven't seen the film as yet but the content and the trailers certainly promise this could be her evolution of her on screen roles and it could deliver an interesting and exciting performance, or at the very least something very different to Twilight.

I guess the problem will be if Twilight fans take to it or not. I'll find out how good the film is at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in the coming weeks.

So perhaps having her leap into this role isn't such a strange thing, for it would radically break away from the Twilight films and mark her as something very different, very rapidly. It might turn out to be a very wise choice, if she's really that good outside of the Twilight films.

I say that because Martyrs is a very demanding film, demanding of the stars and of the audience. If you haven't seen it you might not know that it has some extreme scenes, some very violent and brutal scenes that really do take the audience and the actresses into some dark places, places you don't often see in film and never inside of Hollywood.

That said, Hollywood are set to try and remake it, and the word is that the script for their Martyrs is a strong one. It comes from the writer of Vacancy (Filmstalker review) and the upcoming The Hole for Joe Dante, Mark L. Smith, and judging from those two films the script could be pretty interesting.

Now I know that will probably have fans of the original up in arms shouting about how violent and disturbing the original was, but the film can be disturbing without being violent and with some of those scenes of gore. However I think it has to be disturbing, very disturbing, that's one of the successes of the original and how it delivers some of the surprises of the film.

Speaking to FearNet through Bloody Disgusting, the producer reveals a few things about the remake.

"We're doing it for an American audience with an American cast...the script we've written for it is awesome...

I love that movie...[although] I think it's not remake-able in its form for an American audience. But the core elements of it are fascinating. I love the cult and what it's about, and I'm also obsessed with the nature of childhood friends -- growing up when one doesn't believe the other one and the corruption between that. I'm excited."

Now that sounds pretty good to me. We all knew that the film couldn't be remade the way it was as that would earn an MPAA ban as soon as they heard about it, never mind see it, and what Godfrey says about the things he loves about the original are indeed promising, don't you think? I certainly do, and I'm hopeful.

On the subject of Kristen Stewart though, there's the age old issue of quotes out of context to be considered. Sometimes when you read a quote from someone you have to consider what came either side. Here's what Godfrey is quoted as saying:

"I would love for Kristen to do it"

Now replay the conversation in your head with the two alternate suggested questions:

"Who would you like to play the twins?"


"Would you like Kristen Stewart to play one of the twins?"

You can play around with the wording for yourself, but you can imagine that either question could illicit the same response. Was he responding to the direct question about the star or a general question? It's hard to tell, and there's a lot of difference between the two.

For one I think Kristen Stewart may well be too busy to handle this project, and she and her manager might deem it a little too far away from Twilight which might threaten losing her loyal fans so quickly.

However, the remake may not sound like a great idea, but they have a strong writer on board. I wonder if they could really pull this off?



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