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Middle Men trailer online

MiddleMen.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Middle Men, the film about two guys who have a great idea for selling pornographic images online and create the Internet's first commerce system. However they have no idea how to market it and make it a real money earner, until they meet up with a man who does, a man who troubleshoots companies for a living.

He comes up with the plan to make it huge, but he doesn't realise that the guys he's dealing with have borrowed money from Russian mobsters and blown it, and he's caught in the middle.

Here's the blurb for Middle Men:

In 1995, everyone had a VCR, music was sold in record stores, and the world-wide-web was a new found discovery. Businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life - a beautiful family and a successful career fixing problem companies. And then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but troubled men, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet. When Jack agrees to help steer their business, he soon finds himself caught between a 23 year-old porn star and the FBI all the while becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his time. Inspired by a true story that proves business is a lot like sex… getting in is easy, pulling out is hard

With this new trailer for Middle Men I'm really getting interested, but I just can't figure out which way the film is trying to go. Is it going to be a comedy, is it going to tell a story based on the truth, or is it going to go dark? It actually looks and sounds like we're getting all three.

The film stars Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht and Luke Wilson and is co-written and directed by George Gallo. Oh, and did I see Jesse Jane in that trailer?

If you're of age, there's a much longer red-band trailer which I posted earlier, although it does have a slightly different feel to this one.



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