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New director for Kane and Lynch?

KaneandLynch.jpgThere's a rumour out there for the director of Kane and Lynch which, if true, suggests that the studio might be notching up this production a little, and that they are going for something more than a straight action film, something with a lot of style and more thriller than straight out action.

With the videogame adaptation having gained the names of Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, but being without a director for a little while now, you'd think they'd be pressing for it to move forward, but maybe the waiting will be worth it.

At the moment this is a rumour, and treat it as such. I'm sure the man himself will let us know whether he's been approached or not and even if he's interested, but for right now I'd say we treat it as rumour, albeit from a decent source.

The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision tells us that a director has come out as the top choice for helming the film, presumably after his sterling work on Law Abiding Citizen (Filmstalker review), but it is also quick to stress that no offer has been made, it's just the the studio and the director are in talks.

Oh come on, you've got to have guessed who it is now, F. Gary Gray. Yes the man who brought us The Negotiator, A Man Apart, The Italian Job, Be Cool, and Law Abiding Citizen could well be set to work on Kane and Lynch, and that sounds like a superb choice to me.

That means we're liable to get a film with a lot more style and meat than the average videogame adaptation, and that he really could inject his ability to lift the tension and suspense in and audience and deliver a damn good looking film too.

I'm a fan of The Negotiator, and really he's delivered since, on all his films, however I think there could be one sticking point. If the choice becomes Kane and Lynch or Marvin: The Life Story of Marvin Gaye, I could see Kane and Lynch perhaps losing out.

The story tells us that other choices for the director's role were Wayne Kramer who directed The Cooler and Running Scared and Roger Donaldson who directed The Bank Job (Filmstalker review), The Recruit, Thirteen Days, and the excellent No Way Out, so a pretty strong line-up for the director.

Now it was at that last paragraph that something sparked off in my mind, and after a quick search on the archives I found that just the other month this story had already appeared. We heard that F. Gary Gray had been offered the role and he'd turned it down, now the studio was looking to Wayne Kramer.

So what does this mean? Is this an old story resurfaced? Was the original a mix of fact and rumour that just pre-empted Gray turning it down and that he was being looked at? Has the studio gone back to Gray with a new offer, or is this new rumour just plain wrong? As usual, we're at the mercy of the truth.



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