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Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer

ParanormalActivity.jpgThere's excitement galore as the teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity arrives online, although not from here as when I watched Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) I wasn't scared once as each stock scare landed precisely on beat and the creature talking to camera just blew it for me.

However there is a lot of expectation for the second, and looking at the teaser you wouldn't be forgiven for thinking the two standard Hollywood multipliers have been added to the equation – bigger and more.

For Paranormal Activity 2 looks set to have more cameras around the house in the form of a surveillance system, and we'll be covering more rooms than we saw before. Oh and there'll be more characters involved, a baby and a dog for one.

The teaser is below, and afterwards I'm going to point out a couple of things you may not have noticed. Here's the teaser which comes from the official site through Coming Soon:

Well what did you think? Everyone's talking about the hidden secrets of the teaser, which I don't think are that hidden, but to give them credit they are pretty interesting suggestions for the film to come.

Sure there's the empty chair rocking back and forth with the dog barking at the almost closed doorway, and the crash of thunder as the figure appears - how cheese laden is that? - the usual stuff, but then when the figure appears in the doorway you can see the baby in the reflection of the mirror but not in the cot. Some people are pointing out that the baby is merely lying asleep in the cot, but I've looked a few times now and I don't see that.

Come the end of the trailer there's a still frame of the room and you can see some writing on the mirror which is backwards and upside down which says:

”What is happening to Hunter?”

Is Hunter the baby? The dog? The figure?

It's intriguing, and certainly expands the scope of the story from the first film, but will it actually scare more than the original did?



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