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Predators international red band trailer

Predators.jpgI still don't understand how an international trailer can be red band since red band is an MPAA term for American releases only. In the UK this trailer would be unclassified, or if the BBFC had looked at it probably a 15. Anyway, the gory trailer is out, and there's some more footage to it as well, not just blood and spine effects.

After looking at this trailer I have to admit that I am now looking forward to Predators and there's a strong possibility that this could just recapture the glory of the first.

Sure, there's no Arnie in this one, but there are some strong characters in it and the trailer does suggest some good interplay. Could it happen? Have a look at the full Predators international trailer, which shouldn't be viewed by those under age. Yeah.

What do you think? Is this going to return to the power of the first film or just end up as a close second?



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