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Showgirls: Exposed faux trailer online

Showgirls.jpgI think this will be the last time I mention this “film” until there actually is evidence of a film, for so far all I'm seeing is a cheaply made music video that is really a collection of random images with some badly written voice-over.

Oh no, actually I believe I must correct myself when talking about Showgirls: Exposed, apparently it's a photo-play and a trailer for the hugely expensive Showgirls sequel, or so the alleged director of the alleged film states.

Marc Volander has changed the name of his film since last we saw a teaser, Showgirls: The Return was the name then, now it's known as another name we have another teaser, and I warn you with the usual not safe for work, and not safe for film audiences.

For me there are two title cards that say it all. The first is a clear grammatical error you would only see on a cheaply subtitled foreign film:

”The second most viewed teaser of all times”

The second is just ridiculous and not in any tongue in cheek or ironic way, just in a way that would make you think of an adult film, and a cheap one at that.

”Disturbing. Provoking. Completely shaved.”

Yeah, that's what I thought. That's Showgirls: Exposed.

You can watch the teaser below from Equilibrium Blog through Twitch, it's something like four minutes of nonsense, and then I'd suggest heading over to Twitch to see Marc Volander appear in the comments and start arguing about art and critics and this film. Oh sweet lord, this makes Showgirls seem like Citizen Kane.



You should also read the interview with Vorlander -- the English version is available at Twitch. At least he's an interesting persona ... ^^


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