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Sofia Coppola's Somewhere trailer online

SofiaCoppola.jpgSofia Coppola's latest film, Somewhere, has a trailer and it's right here. Featuring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning it tells the story of an actor who is living in excess and day to day, not finding happiness and having everything else handed to him, but his bad boy lifestyle is about to come to an end when his eleven year old daughter arrives to live with him.

It sounds like a terrible Hollywood film, perhaps one of those afternoon television movies, and I deliberately use the word movie there as I believe there's a clear distinction, but with Coppola's eye and storytelling this will be something very different, and you can see that from the trailer.

Somewhere looks gorgeous, and the musical choice is a haunting one across this trailer of two halves, the first of excess and the second of a father and daughter bonding.

It's amazing to remember what can be achieved with images and music alone, I wonder if other directors realise that these days? Obviously not looking at what's coming out of Hollywood and seeing this trailer and how effective it is.

The trailer for Somewhere comes through RowThree and is right here. You should definitely watch it.



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