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Spike Lee to direct terrorist thriller

SpikeLee.jpgSpike Lee's next film is going to take him back to thriller territory, similar to that of the Inside Man (Filmstalker review), but upping the ante in the plot department by quite a ways.

The plot has been revealed to include dual terrorist attacks on American soil, and a lone FBI Agent fighting to foil them. Sounds a little like 24 doesn't it?

Nagasaki Deadline is the film that Spike Lee is set to direct and will follow an FBI agent who is described as being "troubled" and is trying to stop two terrorist attacks on American soil. He turns away from the usual, obvious suspects and looks to more unusual theories that perhaps the threats are tied to historical events.

Deadline Hollywood Daily, who have the story, suggest that this might be a bit of a risk considering the recent events at Times Square, but then a film about terrorism is always going to have some recent event to compete with isn't it?

The film Nagasaki Deadline has been through quite a history, various big name directors and writers have had a shot at making the film over the years, and it's been a while since the film actually was set to be made before the attack on the Twin Towers, an event that delayed the film initially.

If the film is as good a thriller as Inside Man (Filmstalker review) and Spike Lee can deliver the strong casting and direction he did for that film, then I think we're in for a very good thriller and one that will hit the high points of Lee's career.

Still. It's a shame that films such as Inside Man get the widest exposure when some of his other films have so much to say. Yet I won't be the one to complain, because his thrillers are damn good.

Is it the wrong time for the film? Not for the reasons that most will think, but based on the blurb the film sounds a little close to a 24 plot doesn't it? Is the plot just a little too samey? Well that closing like about the historical connection does present a sniff of something different, but will it be enough?



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