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Stallone playing crime family boss

Stallone.jpgI loved Sylvester Stallone in Cop Land, and it was a film that really opened my eyes to the fact that the guy could act, genuinely. A lot of people put it down to the fact that his character suited the actor, something I thought was rather insulting to the man and his talent.

So when rumours arrive that he's in serious talks to play the Gambino crime family boss John Gotti Sr. in a film which would have one John Gotti Jr. on its development team, I get really excited, for this could be a great moment for the latter half of his career.

John Gotti Jr. took over as the head of the Gambino crime family when his father, John Gotti Sr. was sent to prison for life after being found guilty for various charges including racketeering. However he's adamant that in 1999 he gave up that life and walked away from it, something I thought you couldn't do, especially if you then announced that you were making a documentary, feature film and releasing a book about your father and previous crime family boss. I thought that would end in a dark alley somewhere.

Since then Gotti Jr. has been through the courts quite a bit and has been fighting federal prosecutors who are intent on putting him in jail alongside his father.

So now TMZ through The Playlist reports that Sylvester Stallone is negotiating for the role, and that's a good thing considering how good an actor the man is and it's something we so often forget as it's hidden behind action, or just not even seen.

The film will show the relationship between the father and son, and probably cover some of the time period before 1992 when the father was imprisoned as well as some of the time after when son took over the father's role.

The real question though will be how much truth will be told and will it really turn out to be an expose of mob life, and if Sylvester Stallone really will play the lead.



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