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The Crow reboot moving forward

TheCrow.jpgThe Crow reboot hasn't fallen by the wayside at all as some of us might have thought or even hoped, in fact it's picking up pace and there even seems to be a call out to a major actor to play the leading role.

The producer of the previous Crow films has been online talking about the new version and what it should offer, and while there are some interesting comments, there's one rather worrying one for fans of the original.

In fact, let me leap straight to the final comment Edward R. Pressman has for the article at MTV Movies:

”Obviously it's a different time and a different idea, but I think Stephen is a very talented fellow and I'm very excited to work with him...I think it's a very different conception [than the original film]. After the first 'Crow,' there were so many other films that were inspired by it, by its look. Steve is an artist himself, and he's created a very different visual idea.”

That's pitching things very clearly, this is not similar to The Crow we saw made famous by Brandon Lee and Alex Proyas.

Now while some might be up in arms about that, the original fans might instantly start to wonder why the direction is moving away from the original, I think you should actually be glad.

The Crow with Brandon Lee is what is, and will remain that way forever. Now the reboot is going to change, it's a “very different conception” and a “very different visual idea” and both comments are distancing itself from that film straight away, something that I heard from many fans when the talk first appeared of The Crow reboot, they didn't want it to trample over this film or Lee's performance. According to the producer it looks like it won't.

Pressman also reveals that the have an offer out to someone...

”...to a major actor and things are moving ahead very aggressively, with the aim of doing the film this year”

The setting is also supposed to be different, although I don't think that's a huge factor that will distance the film, but it's another step. He says it will be in the Mexico/Arizona area as well as an urban area like Detroit or Pittsburgh. Frankly he doesn't sound convinced of where that second location is, and if we're talking about an urban setting like that, it could well start to have a style of the original quite easily.

That's not the thing to distance the film though. It's the look and feel, the creation of the character, and the actor. An actor that we're told is big, but we just don't know who yet.

Good news or bad news for fans of the original, and what of that casting choice?



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