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The Extra Man trailer online

TheExtraMan.jpgThe Extra Man is a film playing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year and it caught my eye for two reasons, the first is the excellent Kevin Kline, and the second was Katie Holmes. While I do like watching Kline, especially in a comedy, Holmes is a bit of an unknown for me as her roles are few and far between and the films never really seem to draw me to them.

With The Extra Man though, I'm drawn. The film also stars Paul Dano and John C. Reilly in a story of a man who escorts elderly widows who takes in a new lodger, a younger man who is an aspiring playwright.

The two look like they're set to have a very strange relationship together, even if some of the story looks set to take familiar paths, there's plenty of quirkiness in it and there's Kevin Kline. What more would you want?

The Extra Man is adapted from the Jonathan Ames novel by the man himself with Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman who also direct. It's already getting a lot of good comments, and it's making a lot of watch lists for the festival, it's certainly on mine.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers, and in high definition too. See what you think and then get tickets for it if you're in Edinburgh in the next few weeks.



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