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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake with Verbinski?

SecretLifeofWalterMitty.jpgThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty is getting a remake, well to be fair it's been getting a remake for over twenty years with a whole slew of directors including the great Steven Spielberg and it's never worked so far. However the latest entry on that list of directors to try and bring the project to life looks set to be Gore Verbinski.

The original starred Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty, a pulp fiction writer who liked to imagine he was a hero through his every day daydreams. However one day he's handed a notebook by a mysterious woman, told that it contains secrets from World War II, and before he knows it he's in the middle of a real adventure story.

It doesn't sound that hard a film to remake, but then do we have anyone to rival Danny Kaye these days? Of course the film can go a number of ways, it could go the comedy route or it could go the action route, ideally it should do the two together but we've seen that style of film fail so many times in recent years. However, there's a film that springs to mind that combines the comedy and action element superbly, Mr and Mrs Smith, but it's a very different feel to the film. Of course with a remake there has to come modernisation.

The original The Secret Life of Walter Mitty harks back to 1947, and Deadline Hollywood Daily tells us that Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard were two directors who were involved in a remake over the years, and throughout the attempts some of the Danny Kaye replacements were touted to be Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson, Mike Myers and Sacha Baron Cohen.

That's an impressive list, but then the director Gore Verbinski is no newcomer, and he's had some huge films to his name, before the Pirates of the Caribbean series there was the very successful American remake of The Ring.

It's certainly a film that Verbinski could pull off, but the real question is what will the writer Steve Conrad make of it, and what way will the story end up going, in my mind that's the real question right now, what kind of remake will we end up with?



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