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The Social Network teaser trailer online

DavidFincher.jpgThere's really next to nothing to the teaser trailer for The Social Network, the film about the events behind the creation of Facebook, at least in visual terms. What it lacks there though it makes up for in the audio which, to be fair is helped along by the titles, gives a rather more dramatic feel to the film than some of us might have thought.

Teasers like these are often not intended for the general public because there's nothing of interest and they really can't build any excitement or hype. However with the teaser for The Social Network, I'm surprised how interesting it is, and how it turns around my thinking for the film.

David Fincher is directing The Social Network, and that probably explains quite a lot about the feel for the teaser, it's darker than I expected and presents quite a bit more dramatic element than I thought it would. I think it does grab the attention quite well, especially since the idea of a Facebook film, even with co-founders and friends fighting behind the scenes for the ownership, doesn't sound that exciting, nor does it sound like a Fincher film.

What I think the teaser for The Social Network does is that it shows that Fincher may well have made his imprint on the story. Now I'm really keen to see the full trailer.

The teaser was revealed on Mashable through RowThree and can be seen right here:



Got to love David Fincher. This looks (well, sounds) promising.


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