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Thor behind the scenes footage online

Thor.jpgChris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman looking gorgeous and stealing the interview, and more than anything, Anthony Hopkins as Odin. It's looking and sounding interesting, although not tons of footage, it's still a glimpse.

The only reason that I'm looking forward to Thor is Kenneth Branagh, and there's some of him in the interview too.

Really though, and let's be honest about it, there's about as much behind the scenes action for Thor here as I can see out my office window. This is really an interview with two of the key stars of the film and a few questions with the excellent Kenneth Branagh.

I am looking forward to the film, and maybe my previous comment was a bit skewed to my personal adoration for Kenneth Branagh (in a film-making sense that is), because Chris Hemsworth looks the part, Natalie Portman is wonderful, and together they seem to be getting on great, something that should come through in the film.

More footage though please, or rather some. Here's the interview from ET Online:



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