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Tomorrow, When The War Began new trailer online

TomorrowWhentheWarBegan.jpgWhile the opening of this trailer reminds you of the first, well it did for me anyway, it does have a lot of different footage once the opening sequences have set the scene or rather the plot.

The film is adapted from the John Marsden novels (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and despite people telling me when I last posted the trailer that it wasn't a Red Dawn remake, the trailer certainly pitches it right into that territory, more so than the first.

Stuart Beattie is normally known for his writing and this marks his first outing as director, but he's also adapted the novel for the script.

I wonder if Tomorrow, When The War Began is being marketed for all those expecting Red Dawn, like me, for that film is finished it's just stuck with a studio in financial difficulties and might not get released any time soon, what this film could do is attract the fans of the novels and the fans of the people waiting for Red Dawn. Just look at the trailer and you'll see the similarities.



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