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X-Men: First Class casting rumours – All British?

BritishSuperhero.jpgThere's something interesting happening around the casting rumours for X-Men: First Class, and with three down there's an interesting trend, they're all British so far. Okay, so some of the characters are British and I'm sure there's no way we're going to see an entire all-British cast, or is there?

Plus, I have to mention to you that these are all rumours, except for that of James McAvoy playing a young Charles Xavier or Professor X, which is awaiting final confirmation.

Just yesterday I posted up the casting rumour on the Filmstalker Facebook Page that Michael Fassbender was being considered for two comic book film roles, one as a villain in the new Spider-Man, the teen-angst school reboot version, and Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class.

He was, according to the rumour, being considered as the young Magneto, a pretty strong casting choice if you ask me, for he does carry the look and feel of a younger Ian McKellen.

That rumour, and it is a rumour, came from Showbiz411, and now we hear from Forces of Geek through Filmonic that an actress was seen outside the offices of Lucinda Syson who is often used by Matthew Vaughn for casting on his films, by that they mean Kick-Ass and Stardust (Filmstalker review).

I know that's a stretch, I mean they'll have a few projects on the go at once like any other company, and the named actress is a very good talent, but she was seen “around” the offices and apparently is being considered for the role of Emma Frost. Who is this? Rosamund Pike.

I think it's a hell of a stretch to be saying that she was seen “around” the offices and then that she's up for the Emma Frost role, but then the story does say that she was seen carrying a copy of the X-Men: Origins comic with the cover of Emma Frost.

I don't know. Sounds like an all too convenient set-up, and I hate posting anything that feels too tenuous to be posted, and these rumours certainly do, however there's a reason I have, because it's sparked something in my mind.

A British cast X-Men.

It's something you could see Matthew Vaughn doing, perhaps this was one of the things he held out for in the negotiation stages, he wanted a British cast, or a predominantly British cast, or nothing. Total speculation but if you look at his previous films the American actors have been the smaller portion of the films.

Plus the time period the films are set in would suit a European or British location more than an American. Maybe I'm stretching, maybe I'm just hoping, but I like the idea of pulling the X-Men franchise away from America a little and towards Britain and Europe, even if it is the prequel and we know the story curve heads across to America.

Right now though it's all rumour and speculation. We need to wait for some official announcements, and I hope they start coming soon.



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