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X-Men: First Class finds Emma Frost?

AliceEve.jpgThere's more casting news for Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, well rumour at this stage but it could well turn out to be on the money, and the great news is that the person up for the role of Emma Frost is another British actor which makes three for three so far.

We have Magneto and Professor X cast with strong British talents, and if this latest round of negotiations pulls through we'll be looking at the third British cast member.

I really do like Matthew Vaughn's films, and I love the idea that he's not being sucked into the whole Hollywood machine, and that sees apparent even with X-Men: First Class.

This film had me worried on two counts, the first being that it was going to be an X-Men film filled with kids characters, and then the second was that Vaughn was going to be sucked into the Hollywood machine and his films would lose their edge and quality. However signs so far are that neither are happening.

Sure First Class is going for a younger crew, but not that younger, not the kids version that we might at first thought we would be seeing. Then there's the fact that Vaughn originally pulled away from the film, then word was that he was asking for certain concessions which he apparently got and then signed up for the film. Now he's cast some strong talent in the two key roles, and there's more rumoured. Everything seems to be turning around about this film.

So we already know that Michael Fassbender is signed up to play Magneto and that James McAvoy will be playing Professor X at a time when they were both friends and before they adopted their mutant monikers.

The new girl? Well if negotiations go well then Emma Frost is going to be joining the team, or perhaps be against them since she originally was an enemy but became their ally, and according to Deadline Hollywood Daily the actress who will be taking up the part will be Alice Eve. Well she certainly has the looks for the part, and she can act as perhaps Starter for 10 and Crossing Over show best, so if all goes well then expect to hear that she's been cast very soon.

Rosamund Pike was rumoured to be trying for the role, but that was tenuous to say the least, I think now we're looking at a very interesting cast for the film, and is the all British talent line-up going to continue? I can't really see it with the Hollywood studio behind the film, they'll want some big American names surely?



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