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July 29, 2010

A few days off...

I'm heading out for a few days off. After being made redundant and with my wife's birthday today, Filmstalker is taking a back seat for some real life issues, but just for two to three days, there may be the odd story here and there but I'll be back by...

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July 28, 2010

Paul trailer online

Well it won't be for long because it seems to be getting the cease and desist treatment, however the trailer for Paul that was shown at Comic-Con has been put online. No need to worry though, it's a terrible copy and you can hardly see a thing, even some of...

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Certified Copy trailer online starring Binoche and Shimell

I'm going to be honest and say that I had no idea about Abbas Kiarostami's Certified Copy, and when that appeared with the words “Exclusive trailer” it was just vague interest that stole me across. However after watching it I'm now rather intrigued. The film stars Juliette Binoche and William...

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New Tamara Drewe trailer online

I didn't get the impression that the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds nor Stephen Frears film adaptation was a romantic comedy, but then this American voice-over trailer seems to be telling us just that, and frankly if I saw this three jokes would have me interested, one song, and the...

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July 27, 2010

Closed: Win a new internet video enabled Blu-ray player

This is an unbelievable competition, a superb offer of an excellent Blu-ray player to win, free of charge. It's a Sony, internet connectable Blu-ray player that features upscaling Dolby True HD decoding, and much more. A full £179.99 worth of Blu-ray player and it could be yours, for the cost...

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Sucker Punch trailer and amazing screen captures

What?! Wait till you see some of the footage in the Sucker Punch trailer, it's incredible, really. Some of those shots just left me thinking "what the hell did I just see?". There are some amazing shots, and I've cherry picked some cracking images from the trailer as well as...

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UK Film Council to close

The news has been hitting just about everywhere since yesterday, the UK Film Council is being shut down by the Government as part of their cuts to try and recover Britain from the largest deficit since World War II. To almost all it seems to be a complete catastrophe and...

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I Melt With You trailer online

I Melt With You is a little bit of a mystery film, and the trailer gives little more away other than Thomas Jane's strong acting, he's alongside Jeremy Piven and Rob Lowe which sounds interesting and the director, Mark Pellington, pops up with The Mothman Prophecies and Arlington Road, so...

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Norrington's The Crow gets rewritten

Stephen Norrington was all set to remake The Crow, he had written the screenplay, was set to direct, and rumours were flying about a leading actor. However things seem to have changed since then as a new writer has been announced. It seems a little strange as Norrington's screenplay has...

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Seven minutes of Machete online

There are seven minutes of Machete online and I have to admit it is looking like a lot of fun. Nonsense as well, but good fun nonsense. Plus in the footage we get to see two sultry sex bombs with Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, and the manly charms of...

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July 26, 2010

Update: Let Me In trailer arrives - Two new trailers

I'm writing this introduction as I wait for the entire trailer of the American remake of Let The Right One In (Filmstalker review), Let Me In, to cache before I press play. There's a hopeful anticipation because we've already seen a quick cut teaser and it looked like it had...

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Monsters teaser trailer online

I've been lucky enough to see Monsters (Filmstalker review) already, and while people are keen to compare it to other films, I think it does well to carve its own place in science fiction while doing a great job of grounding it hard in reality and with real life, current...

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Priest trailer arrives

The Scott Stewart directed film Priest has arrived with Paul Bettany playing the priest who disobeys the laws of his church to team up with a young Sherrif, played by Cam Gigandet, and a priestess, played by the gorgeous Maggie Q, to track down a group of renegade vampires who...

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The Walking Dead trailer online

The trailer for The Walking Dead, the adaptation of the comic book, has been posted online after being recorded from a television showing it at Comic-Con 2010. Now it's not great quality and it is a little hard to hear it, but it does look superb. Frank Darabont looks set...

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The Goon gains speaking teaser trailer

The Goon has gained a promotional trailer, and this really is a promotional trailer since there's actually not even a director attached to the film as yet, so far David Fincher is producing and Paul Giamatti is voicing a character, but at least the script comes from Eric Powell who...

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Megamind new trailer with new footage

There's a new trailer for Megamind online that gives much more of the story and the set-up for the film, even revealing the death of a lead character. However don't panic, it's a death that is early on in the film and that we all know about, it's important to...

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Machete red band trailer

Another trailer for Machete has arrived and this one has a lot of killing shots in it, in fact I think just about every killing shot from the film probably. However there are also some naked lady shots and some incredibly silly ones too. The entrails window jump does seem...

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Mirrors 2 DVD trailer

It was just the other day I realised that Mirrors 2 was heading to DVD, and I should have realised with such an imaginative title as that in a time when every sequel title comes with a colon. However seeing the trailer I'm wondering if there would have been a...

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides non-announcement teaser

That's correct, this teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a non-announcement for the film from the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. He makes it quite clear, he's not going to the fountain of youth, he's not hiring a new crew, and even if he was...

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July 23, 2010

Joss Whedon directing The Avengers

Joss Whedon confirmed that he is set to direct The Avengers, the ensemble superhero film that will gather together the likes of Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, along with some secondary superheroes, you know, just to fill up the cast. I still think this film is a...

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Del Toro creating Disney's Haunted Mansion

Guillermo del Toro looks set to work on a new project with Disney, and it looks like it's going to be the first film made after his exit from The Hobbit. Announced at Comic-Con, he will co-write, produce, and maybe even direct the film which will bring to life the...

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Michelle Rodriguez, her own worst enemy?

Michelle Rodriguez is a bad-ass, and I am talking about the persona of the actress and her screen image, not the person as I don't really know her, yet I can say two things about the real person. One, she is very polite to fans and two, she shares with...

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Red trailer looks superb

I have to admit the first time I wrote that title I did use the word awesome, but you can hardly blame me, there are so many good parts to the Red trailer and the biggest part is undoubtedly the dry humour that's filled with irony, sarcasm and wit, from...

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TRON: Legacy trailer arrives

Well I guess that's the negative side of hype for you. While the TRON: Legacy trailer looks really cool and has some great effect moments in it, I felt a little deflation at the end, feeling a lot less than I did for the teasers before. I'm not quite sure...

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Update: Roland Joffé's There Be Dragons two trailers online

That sounds impressive, Roland Joffé's There Be Dragons, instantly you should be pricking up your ears. Then there's the fact that the film follows two friends, one who turns to war and the other who becomes the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva, and you should be even more interested....

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Saw VII aka Saw 3D trailer in 2D

Are the traps in the Saw franchise just getting too big and too elaborate? They're now looking like they were put together using an entire special effects team over months, that Jigsaw bloke really has a lot of power over people after his death. However what the trailer for Saw...

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The Hole new trailer online

Marketing can sometimes just miss the mark, and I think it does with The Hole. The new trailer says it's the “3D movie event of the year” - they obviously haven't figured TRON: Legacy in that equation, and it's The Hole in 3D, not just the title of the film...

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300 prequel begins with Snyder

Zack Snyder has been talking about Xerxes, the prequel to 300 and has revealed that he's been involved in writing the screenplay for a week or so now, not only that but he tells us about the plot and what the film will look like, if he directs it. That's...

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World War Z begins casting

I'm concerned for World War Z, the superbly created book from Max Brooks that interviews survivors of a war against a zombie plague that swept the planet and how humanity was on the brink and came back from it. The book is written very factually, using the interviews of the...

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Judge Dredd 3D actor rumour

Judge Dredd 3D, first heard about way back in December of 2008, last heard about a few months ago when it was announced it would be in 3D, and now we hear that there's an actor rumoured for the lead. If this is true then we're looking at a big...

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Quarantine 2: Terminal plot revealed

Quarantine 2: Terminal has abandoned the ideas that [REC]2 (Filmstalker review) took the franchise in and have stuck with the same story, just transferring it to a new location, albeit a pretty good one considering the events that are to befall the characters. The official blurb for Quarantine 2: Terminal...

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Shyamalan defends career, gets attacked

I feel like I'm a lone voice talking about my enjoyment of M. Night Shamalan films, and he definitely feels the same way as a press interview for The Last Airbender in Mexico which was recorded and broadcast online shows. Yet again though I feel like a lone voice as...

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July 22, 2010

Battle for Terra new teaser online

There's a new trailer for Battle for Terra, the CG film which sees humanity on a search for a planet to inhabit after they've drained Earth of all the resources and are running out of time. Now the travelling colony has come across a planet that could support them, except...

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Nolan's first feature Following trailers online

There's been a lot of talk of Christopher Nolan of late, and not just because of his excellent Inception (Filmstalker review), but because his first feature film is going to be shown on IFC On Demand in the U.S., and to mark that there's a new trailer been released. You...

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Fright Night remake writer talks

The writer of the new Fright Night has been talking about the remake that's been getting a lot of press since word began that the superb original was going to be modernised and updated. The new film stars Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Toni Collette, and Imogen...

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Branagh to play Olivier?

It's fair to say that there are a lot of similarities between Kenneth Branagh and Sir Laurence Olivier, and much of them are related to Shakespeare and their performances in film adaptations of his plays, not least Branagh's Henry V and Olivier's The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift...

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The Company Men new trailer online

There's a new trailer online for The Company Men, and since I've just been made redundant and am to be unemployed next week with a desire to do anything to keep working, this trailer really hit home. What I like about this especially is that it starts out being such...

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Buried trailer features no footage

Buried feels like a very limited idea, but at the same time it's one that could well play to the strengths of a convincing actor and do their career no end of good. What I like about the idea is that it could lay bare the a film and strip...

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Captain America not so American

Joe Johnston has been talking about the upcoming Captain America film and has addressed something that was really bothering me about the film, the fact that Captain America is so American the character is going to struggle abroad. Not so if Johnston has his way for they seem to be...

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Stone trailer with DeNiro, Norton and Jovovich

John Curran's next film has a new trailer. Stone starring Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy looked set to be an interesting thriller with a nice con going on, however the new trailer for Stone puts in a few extra levels to it. Initially I thought...

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July 21, 2010

Can UltraViolet stop piracy and save the digital marketplace?

An announcement has been made that marks a big change in the marketplace of film and television shows, UltraViolet is the name, and a universal digital rights management (DRM) system is the idea. Actually it's more of an idea, it's a system that's about to start a beta trial this...

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The Debt trailer online

The Debt looks a fantastic thriller, with a big cast and some great images, the film could turn out to be an exciting thriller that's more than the atypical action based thrillers we tend to see. However one sticking point might just be accents. Helen Mirren, Ciarán Hinds, Tom Wilkinson...

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July 20, 2010

Murray still says Ghostbusters 3 isn't happening

Bill Murray is still talking about Ghostbusters 3 and it's not in the positive either, he's continuing to talk about how it's just not going to happen this time around, and it's not down to him it seems. He's clearly saying that it was the poor performance of Year One...

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The Goon footage online

The Goon is a animated film adapted from Eric Powell's comic book series by the very man himself, and while it's not clear who is directing the film version, we do know that Paul Giamatti is cast and none other than David Fincher is producing. The series follows The Goon,...

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The Wind in the Willows teaser online

There's a teaser appeared for The Wind in the Willows, the new version of the story which is set to come from the director Ray Griggs and the New Zealand Weta team. It is short, features little actual footage, but does showcase some of the effects we're going to see....

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Update: Two Faster trailers online

Welcome back Mr Johnson, where the hell have you been? Finally Dwayne (formerly known as The Rock) Johnson has returned from the action star purgatory where every action star seems to have to go, kids films. They've all done it, an Arnie, Vin, Chan and Johnson almost starred in the...

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Vampires Suck trailer isn't funny but is good

I love the fact that there's a film that's going to poke fun at the Twilight series, or rather batter fun out of it until it stops squirming, for the series has suffered from a whole heap of over hype and deserves it. However Vampires Suck has two funny in...

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July 19, 2010


Film Five Stars
With Inception's arrival the hype is hitting a high point and the reviewers are getting very excited, they seem to either love it or hate it. Frankly I can't believe anyone could possibly hate it, just looking around at the other films on offer and it's clear that an intelligent,...

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Suspria remake gains Argento's blessing?

We had thought that the remake of Dario Argento's Suspiria, you know the one that has been going on since 2005, was finally dead. However it seems that it now has a great chance at being made since Argento has given the necessary rights for the remake to happen, although...

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Ghost Rider 2 gets Cage

I must admit I'm not surprised that Ghost Rider 2 is happening, after all there's been talk of it for some time, but considering Nicolas Cage's recent performances have been getting back on track as a strong actor I am surprised he's just signed up for it. We've been hearing...

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The Osterman Weekend remake

It was back in May 2007 that we heard The Osterman Weekend, the Robert Ludlum novel directed by Sam Peckinpah in 1983 was to be remade. Back then a director had been chosen, although he was a strong writer it was to be his directorial début. Since then there has...

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Gatchaman new footage online

Last we heard was that Gatchaman, the new CG film based on the original animé cartoon which was sold to the west as Battle of the Planets, wasn't going to happen as the studio behind the film, Imagi Studios, was in financial trouble. News has arrived though that the studio...

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Eva trailer featuring Daniel Brühl

I had never heard of Eva and it was just by fluke that I picked up the teaser trailer to have a look at this morning, and I'm glad I did because it's a little bit magical. The film is a story about a cybermetic engineer called Alex who returns...

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Biutiful trailer online starring Bardem

There may be some nice images and music in the trailer for Biutiful, but the voice-over really seems at odds with what we're seeing and for me doesn't work at all. The film is the story of Uxbal, a man who is facing death and is trying to survive in...

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July 16, 2010

Jackboots on Whitehall

Film Five Stars
I was hopeful of this film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival when I first heard about it, after all a story about the Nazi's invading England, Churchill and the resistance pulling back to Scotland to mount their counter offensive all made with stop-motion and action man type figures had...

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Update: The Social Network actual uncensored trailer online

Finally we get a trailer for The Social Network with actual footage from the film, and it's looking pretty good and rather dramatic, a bit surprising actually. However what really grabs my attention is the ingenious use of Radiohead's Creep at the beginning with the montage of clips of Facebook,...

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Affleck's The Town gets a trailer

The trailer for Ben Affleck's The Town, which he adapted the Chuck Hogan novel and directed, has arrived online. Starring names such as himself, Blake Lively, Jeremy Renner, Chris Cooper, Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm, the film tells the story of a thief who is planning his next big job...

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Sorkin directing tabloid political tale of John Edwards

Aaron Sorkin is to make his directorial début on a film which he will adapt from the book The Politician by Andrew Young, a book that looks at Edwards run for Presidency of America and the subsequent private life reveal that led to the end of his attempt. Although the...

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Anderson's cult film under way?

In December the story hit about Paul Thomas Anderson making a film about a cult religion not unlike Scientology, and while the film wasn't going to be directly about Scientology, it was going to have a lot of very strong similarities. The film was called The Master and had managed...

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July 15, 2010

The Runaways

Film Three Stars
If I cast my mind back I don't really know who the Runaways were, but I do know about two of the members, Lita Ford and Joan Jett. Ford was a young crush of mine whereas Jett was someone I learned about later in life, but I still didn't know...

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Mission: Impossible IV without Cruise? A new franchise?

Reading an article the other day about the upcoming M:I:IV or Mission: Impossible IV I gleamed a very strong shift in perception of the franchise, that it was bigger than the star Tom Cruise, and that there was the possibility that Cruise may not star in the lead role. I...

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A new Hulk already?

It seems it's quite easy to replace the Hulk and famous names are more than happy to pitch their names into the ring for the role, if the current rumours are true that is, for there's word that a new actor is in “late stage” talks for the role and...

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July 14, 2010

Devil trailer online

I often think it's a complete disservice to a director when people concentrate on the producer of a film. Sure M. Night Shyamalan came up with the idea for Devil and wrote the story and produced the film, but there are two directors to give credit too as well, John...

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I Spit on Your Grave trailer online

The trailer for the I Spit on Your Grave remake has arrived online, and it's pretty much as I thought. It starts off quite ominously, but then it falls into the inevitable slots where other films have been. You'll see shades of Ils (Filmstalker review) or The Strangers, Hostel (Filmstalker...

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U.S. Exam trailer online

I recently watched Exam on Blu-ray (Filmstalker review) and it was really good, it's a strong thriller that does keep you guessing, and while the end might dip a little, it does give an interesting ending to the film and a lot more food for thought. We've been missing thrillers...

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Jackson talking to Hobbit actors?

You've got to wonder what's been happening with The Hobbit. For so long it seems to have been sitting in development and without a green light from the studios on the project, something which seems crazy considering it's supposed to be a bit of a saviour for MGM, and with...

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Stalked: Scott's and Kosinski's Archangels, Hunchback of Notre Dame rework, Jannsen directs, Gargoyles the new Gremlins, Liman's Epic Quest, free Inception comic

There's a lot to cover in this clean-up article, but there's a fair amount that I want to go through as there's some things I think you'll find interesting, and some things I want to get off my chest. Here we go. Ridley and Tony Scott are producing a Joe...

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July 13, 2010

Norton talks Hulk Avengers

The other day the Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced that Edward Norton was not returning to play the Hulk for The Avengers film, or any other film for that matter, and the comments he made were rather uncomplimentary towards Norton, or rather they pointed that way with a very...

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Centurion trailer online

There's a new trailer online for Centrion and it's in glorious high-definition too, plus it does give a different viewpoint from the trailers we've seen before. The film tells a fictional account of the legend of the last Roman Legion to cross Hadrian's Wall and enter Scotland before the Roman...

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The Experiment trailer and shocking news

For those of you who haven't seen the German film Das Experiment I urge you to right now. Consider yourself urged. It's a fantastic film in which the excellent Moritz Bleibtreu and Christian Berkel star. Hollywood decided to remake it in The Experiment, starring Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Cam Gigandet,...

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July 12, 2010

The Tillman Story trailer online

I was unaware of the Pat Tillman story until I had seen this trailer, and I'm surprised I was. Although being from the UK it might not affect me that much, it is an important story about war, and a terrifying story of what lengths senior people in the government...

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Stonewall Uprising trailer online

The Stonewall Uprising documentary tells the story of the Stonewall riots and is the second trailer for the film. The first was good, but this new one, which is also in high definition, is much more effective at telling the story. It follows the events one night in 1969 at...

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Wicked the film

Back in 2008 we heard that Wicked was going to be made into a film, and now we're hearing that the film is moving forward as the people behind the musical and the film version have been meeting directors, and it looks like this is going to be a big...

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South Pacific remake

There's going to be a remake of South Pacific, although this one is described as a harder edged version of the original, but with all the same songs, or at least the well known ones. The Rogers and Hammerstein 1949 musical was a huge success and was followed by the...

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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Jack Goes Boating trailer online

Jack Goes Boating is directed by and stars Philip Seymour Hoffman alongside Amy Ryan, John Ortiz and Daphne Rubin-Vega, and the trailer should capture you right into the story almost immediately, it did me because it just has that magical element of connectivity to the characters and their situations, as...

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Welcome to the Rileys trailer online

Kristen Stewart is indeed pulling as far away from her Twilight image as possible, as I've just written about in the review for The Runaways and will be posting today, she's playing characters that are smoking, drinking, having sex, taking drugs, and in this trailer, stripping and prostitution. However that's...

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The Disappearance of Alice Creed new trailer online

There's a new trailer online for The Disappearance of Alice Creed, the British thriller that looks fantastic starring Gemma Arterton, Martin Compston, Eddie Marsan. It tells the story of a two man team who kidnap the daughter of a millionaire demanding a ransom for her, and this is no ordinary...

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Nowhere Boy new trailer online

The Nowhere Boy is the story of John Lennon's younger years and the formation of The Beatles, it's a film that's seen a release in a lot of countries, but is still to be released in a few, including America, and so a new trailer has arrived. I quite like...

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July 9, 2010

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger trailer online

Woody Allen's latest film has a trailer online, it's an English spoken and with Spanish subtitles, and it does look like a lot of fun, never mind the exciting ensemble cast who are all at odds with each other in some way, or trying to sleep with each other. It's...

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The Social Network second teaser

I wonder if this next teaser for The Social Network was prompted by the commentary when the first was released, about having no images? Well this one certainly does, and it's also rather inspired, or so I think. I also love the dialogue between the characters, it's so rapid fire...

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Machete trailer online

The trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete is online. The trailer claims that you've never seen anything like this before, I'd argue that we have, and I'm reminded of one side of the Grindhouse feature, Planet Terror. Not by anything else but the feel of the trailer, the oddities through it,...

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July 8, 2010

The Sweeney lead contenders?

I'm always dubious of casting rumours, especially when most of them turn out to be complete rubbish, however some sound genuinely interesting, and when they suggest different possibilities for the story. Take the film version of the seventies British police series The Sweeney that already has the excellent Ray Winstone...

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Men in Black II plot details

Well the first details about this time travel plot line for Men in Black III have come out and it's not sounding great, nor very original. Of course, as is usual with these things the facts could, and probably do, come from an early draft of the script and many...

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Operation Endgame trailer online

Take the plot of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and drop the marriage part, and leave the two rival assassins given contracts to kill each other, then make them teams and expand that contract for the entire team, there's Operation Endgame. It's an action comedy that actually looks pretty interesting from...

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Lovelace to wait for Lohan's freedom?

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. A girl who could have had a strong career in film has been throwing it away in typical spoiled rich kid fashion by doing all those stupid tabloid things and ending up hiding away from real life in drugs and drink. So why does...

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Have your short edited by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott

On July 24th, if you film something about your everyday life you could see it edited by Kevin Macdonald into a documentary film produced by Ridley Scott and you'll receive a director's credit. Easy, of course your film has to be picked by the big names, but you could be...

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July 7, 2010

Free Enterprise 2 engages warp drive?

For those of you who haven't seen Free Enterprise it's a bit of a surprise, put to the side some comments that you have to be a "Trekkie" aka a hardcore Star Trek fan, I don't believe that's true because I'm certainly not, and yet I enjoyed seeing the film...

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New Green Hornet trailer promises action

My concern over the film version of The Green Hornet was centred around a few facts, Stephen Chow left the production and Seth Rogen. These, and other stories, kept pointing me one way, this was going to be a Hollywood comedy typical of Rogen and not the story about a...

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July 6, 2010

Verbinski talks Bioshock film problems

You'll remember that back in April of 2009 it was revealed that the Bioshock film adaptation was halted because of escalating budget, and it was quite some escalation. Come August of that year we heard that a new director was attached to the film, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who directed 28...

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Nokas trailer for the greatest Norwegian bank robbery

At first what drew my eye to this trailer is that it's from the director Erik Skjoldbjærg who was behind the camera for the original Insomnia film, not the Christopher Nolan remake, but then I saw the trailer and read the blurb and was hooked. Nokas is about the biggest...

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Nakata's Incite Mill new trailer

I'm quite a fan of Hideo Nakata, mainly because he's responsible for the Ringu (Ring) series, Chaos, Dark Water as well as a few other strong horrors, and introduced me to Asian horror with a fright and a half. His next film is called The Incite Mill and while the...

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July 5, 2010

Antal directing own film next

Nimród Antal, the writer and director of Kontroll and director of Vacancy (Filmstalker review), Armored (Filmstalker review) and the upcoming Predators, has announced his next project, a film he wanted to make after Kontroll called Paraffin. Instead of going on to make that film he answered the call of Hollywood...

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Raimi talks World of Warcraft

Sam Raimi has been talking about his adaptation of World of Warcraft into a film, well can we really call it an adaptation? Anyway, he's creating a story and film from the game and there's an interesting reveal in the story as to why it, and so many of his...

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Predators sequel, and whose film is it?

Unsurprisingly, with the restarting of a franchise as Predators is intent on doing, you wouldn't expect the first film to close itself off at the end, and indeed you wouldn't expect that with any film, franchise or not, for the studio would always want the chance at a sequel if...

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The Cove is seen in Japan

Finally, despite numerous attempts by groups who don't want the truth of the Taiji's regular dolphin slaughter seen, the film The Cove (Filmstalker review) has been screened in Japan. While these campaigners for the film not to be shown say it is anti-Japanese, those who do want it to be...

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New Get Low trailer online

A new trailer has appeared for Get Low, the film starring Robert Duvall as the hermit living on the edge of town who one day announced he wanted to hold his funeral while he was still alive and invite all the people who had a story to tell about him....

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July 4, 2010

Toy Story 3

Film Five Stars
I think it's fair to say that Toy Story 2 didn't deliver the same impact as Toy Story did. Toy Story was a superb film which really captured the audience's imagination with those wonderful characters animated so beautifully and emotionally. They felt like real characters, so real that they endeared...

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Blu-ray Four Stars
I had missed the screening of Exam at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last year and I was rather gutted about it. I was keen to see Stuart Hazeldine's film, mainly because the idea sounded so intriguing, but with one press screening amongst many it meant that I just couldn't...

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July 2, 2010

Let Me In trailer online

The trailer for Let Me In has arrived online, the American remake of Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) (Filmstalker review) by Matt Reeves. Originally concerns were that the beauty of the original would be destroyed by coming to Hollywood, and Reeves or anyone involved in...

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The Dry Land trailer online

The Dry Land is a film I really wanted to see at the Edinburgh International Film Festival but the screening fell on the second week of screenings which meant I was pretty much bed ridden, or not really allowed in public. It now has a trailer online to rub the...

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Teen Spider-Man cast, what now?

Despite the usual internet rumours flying all over the place the official announcement of who the new Spider-Man will be has arrived, and it's the British actor Andrew Garfield – surge of pride through the British fans. While that's great casting, it still raises the question of why we are...

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July 1, 2010

Update: Margaret Thatcher biographical film gets lead actress

The talk of a Margaret Thatcher biographical film first surfaced way back in 2007, although the idea of the Julian Fellowes script was to focus on the Falklands War and the events around that time, then in 2010 we heard of a producer making a move on a fully fledged...

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Bekmambetov to remake own Russian production Black Lightning?

Timur Bekmambetov is the man who successfully brought us the first two parts of the excellent Watch series, Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor (Filmstalker review) and Day Watch: Dnevnoy dozor (Filmstalker review) and is set to bring the third in the series some time in the future. He also directed the...

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Writer talks It and Pet Sematary adaptations

David Kajganich has been talking about his work on the two remakes for Stephen King films It and Pet Sematary, novels of his that have already been adapted with It being a successful mini-series and Pet Sematary becoming a very creepy and very effective horror, if it was rather quietly...

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