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Anderson's cult film under way?

PhilipSeymourHoffman.jpgIn December the story hit about Paul Thomas Anderson making a film about a cult religion not unlike Scientology, and while the film wasn't going to be directly about Scientology, it was going to have a lot of very strong similarities.

The film was called The Master and had managed to gather a couple of key cast members. However it failed to get the go ahead and seemed to be dead. Until now. Word is out that the film may be shooting next month.

The Master was set to have Philip Seymour Hoffman as the founder and leader of a religious organisation in the 1950's, and it would focus on the key relationship between him and his lieutenant, a drifter who joins the organisation but when it grows more and more popular he begins to question his own beliefs and the validity of the religion itself.

Now with Paul Thomas Anderson behind it you know that you'd be in for a great film with some great performances, especially with Hoffman and Jeremy Renner being linked to star alongside Hoffman.

Renner was set to play the role of the Freddie character, and Cigarettes and Red Vines through /Film has more information, telling us that Reese Witherspoon could well have been set to play the role of the wife of The Master.

The fan site met with Paul Thomas Anderson this week and came back with an exclusive reveal, that the film was set to start shooting next month and that more details were set to come out soon. So one would assume that the film has received the backing it needs and it's going to get made.

I'm quite surprised since I imagine that religion is a dangerous topic for studios to tackle, and if The Master presents organised religion in a negative light then a studio might not find it appealing to try and market the film.

The question will be are the original cast members going to make the new schedule, or are we going to see changes? I suspect Hoffman will be staying in the lead, that seems a very important role and needs a really strong and believable actor.



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