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Antal directing own film next

Predators.jpgNimród Antal, the writer and director of Kontroll and director of Vacancy (Filmstalker review), Armored (Filmstalker review) and the upcoming Predators, has announced his next project, a film he wanted to make after Kontroll called Paraffin.

Instead of going on to make that film he answered the call of Hollywood and did, I think, surprisingly well. Many foreign film-makers answer the call from the studios and end up being swallowed up in the system, yet Antal directed a couple of very strong thrillers.

Despite helming what could be the saviour of the Predator franchise, although let's be honest there is no franchise for Predator, that was taken over by AvP and more or less destroyed, Nimród Antal looks set to pull it back to the Predator name, if not reclaim it totally.

However at the same time it looks like he wants to return to the smaller films, the films he has more control over, if you'll pardon the pun.

Speaking to The Playlist through First Showing he revealed he's been writing it for some time:

"I have a passion project that I've been writing for a few years called Paraffin. I'm going to try to get that going… It's actually the one I wanted to write and direct right after Kontroll. So that's what I'm doing next."

However there's nothing to suggest his experience has been a bad one, although we don't see or hear much from him - an audio commentary from him on Armored was well missed - he doesn't sound like he's been particularly hard done by with his Hollywood experience, indeed he's talking about another possible collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, and one that might mean a Predators sequel.

However more of that elsewhere, this is about his next potential film, one he'll write and direct himself. There's not much to go on for the plot, but he does give us the faintest whiff of a story.

"I can give you a teaser: men and women will build a boat out of plastic bottles in Cuba to escape oppression, right? So imagine if our world has become that [kind of] oppression. You aren't building plastic bottle boats anymore, you have to build something else to get out of here."

It sounds interesting. While people are trying to figure out what Paraffin means in connection with the loose plot, I'm more interested in that concept of refugees trying to escape Earth and head to a better home on another planet, a home occupied by more wealthy and privileged humans who have escaped the overpopulated Earth where the quality of life is extremely poor in comparison.

It's not so much about the escape itself, but the class systems and quality of life differences between the two planets and the desire and endeavours of the humans to travel to a better life. Sounds an interesting idea, and with Nimród Antal such a well known name it'll be all the easier for him to pull together a production to make such a film, a film that sounds like it will carry a much bigger budget than Kontroll.

I'm really keen to see what he can come up with next, his work on his three films to date has been really exciting and I'm keen to find out what his eye will bring to Predators, but even more excited to find out where this new idea takes us.



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