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Bekmambetov to remake own Russian production Black Lightning?

BlackLightning.jpgTimur Bekmambetov is the man who successfully brought us the first two parts of the excellent Watch series, Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor (Filmstalker review) and Day Watch: Dnevnoy dozor (Filmstalker review) and is set to bring the third in the series some time in the future. He also directed the exciting Wanted (Filmstalker review). For a while he's been producing, and one of those films has been the Russian Chernaya Molniya (Black Lightning), a film we've just heard he might be remaking for English audiences.

While he's also looking at a sequel to the Russian original, he's also looking at remaking the film into an English language version, something that right now I'm struggling to understand why he would.

First of all we should all be capable of watching a film and enjoying it with subtitles, even if it's in another language and set in another country we should still be able to identify with the film, it only takes a little bit of practice and intelligence. However it is part of the whole spoon feeding of audiences, we're now used to sitting there and having everything led right to us, plots and surprises included. Why should we have to do any work? Can't we just have everything explained to us and handed on a platter?

I do struggle with that mentality, and I love seeing foreign films in their original format. So why remake Black Lightning for the English audience? What's wrong with watching the original?

There's also something else about the story that might not make it work here. The plot is about a university student who gets an old car, does it up, and then finds it has some magical, superhero type powers to it, like it can fly for one. So he decides to become a superhero and flies around the city righting wrongs. That only lasts so long until the bad guys of the city get together and build their own super car and start fighting back.

Sounds very far fetched, and I don't feel that flying superhero cars are really a story that would work here, and yet watching it in the original Russian setting and language might make it easier to take for audiences because it would be so hard for them to identify with the fantasy idea in their own setting.

Variety has the story that Timur Bekmambetov is looking to remake the film, but there's no word if he would direct, perhaps he would keep on producing as he is now on so many projects.

Personally I want to see him race onto the third Watch film, of which there are actually four books not three – I'm just about to finish reading the second.

Seriously, can you see the flying car thing working in a Hollywood film?



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