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Centurion trailer online

Centurion.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Centrion and it's in glorious high-definition too, plus it does give a different viewpoint from the trailers we've seen before. The film tells a fictional account of the legend of the last Roman Legion to cross Hadrian's Wall and enter Scotland before the Roman army left Britain and abandoned plans to conquer the entire country.

The were never heard from again, or so goes the legend, and Neil Marshall has taken the tale and added his own story to it, and so we have the violent, the bloody, Centurion.

This new trailer looks good. The focus on the main character of Quintus Dias, played Michael Fassbender, tells the story quickly and efficiently, sets up his task, his foes, and how the story may well turn slightly. It has a classic feel to it at times and looks pretty spectacular – that first Roman line in the woods looks fantastic.

The film itself is getting mixed reports, and I think it does depend on how you go into the cinema and what you're expecting. Personally I was hoping that Neil Marshall pull it right back from Doomsday (Filmstalker review) and we'd see something more epic, and less focused on a smaller festival pleasing film, everything I've seen to date make me think the former, even the opening five minutes I was delighted to see at the Glasgow Film Festival, but the reviews coming in aren't so complimentary.

Here's the new trailer for Centurion, and if you want high-definition goodness then you can get that from Apple Trailers:



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