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Devil trailer online

MNightShyamalan.jpgI often think it's a complete disservice to a director when people concentrate on the producer of a film. Sure M. Night Shyamalan came up with the idea for Devil and wrote the story and produced the film, but there are two directors to give credit too as well, John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle.

However Shyamalan did write the story which Brian Nelson wrote the screenplay from, but for me this should be Dowdle's Devil, or at least Dowdle's, Nelson's and Shyamalan's Devil. Regardless, the trailer is here, and it looks great.

The concept is simple, a group of people are trapped in a lift and one of them just happens to be the devil, or a devil, it doesn't really matter, one of them is evil incarnate and looks set to kill them all.

Have a look at the trailer for Devil, drop your M. Night Shyamalan baggage, and look at it as from the director John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle and screenwriter Brian Nelson.

The trailer's over at Apple Trailers and in high definition too, which is always a bonus as you can skip through frame by frame and try and see those fast cut moments and scares.



i'm willing to give ole' Shy the benefit of the doubt on this one after the last airdisaster. Trying to fit four seasons of one of the best cartoons ever into 90 minutes. I suppose that was not his own idea, he should have flat out refused to do it. Stuff like that can ruin your rep mr. M, or is it mr. Night?

I'm dissapointed that the studio are using Night as the selling point for reasons you mentioned, Richard. Surprising they are when you consider the negativity he has recieved for The Last Airbender.

The story and the trailer look strong enough to pull audiences in.

Jo: There's also the problem of adapting anything with an existing fan base, it's difficult to win, look at Watchmen for the best example, adapted perfectly almost frame by frame and it polarised opinion.

Billy: I guess the mention of Shyamalan does show that the intentions of the film are for a more upmarket audience, for without it the marketing might rely on the horror aspect alone and the studio could well see that being lost amongst other horror release, even with this strong trailer.

Still, you make a good point, two not well received films in a row and his name is commanding the marketing. Maybe it was in the deal he signed a while ago for these productions of his ideas?


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