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Update: Two Faster trailers online

Rock.jpgWelcome back Mr Johnson, where the hell have you been? Finally Dwayne (formerly known as The Rock) Johnson has returned from the action star purgatory where every action star seems to have to go, kids films. They've all done it, an Arnie, Vin, Chan and Johnson almost starred in the same kiddies film. However that's over and Rock is back.

This is a short teaser but there are some great things going for it. A muscle car is revealed in the opening shot, the preaching voice over, guns, guns being fired, mean looks, and the one liner to close the deal. Job done, I'm in.

I remember that when Welcome to the Jungle arrived on the scene there was talk of Dwayne Johnson being the new action hero and that the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film was somewhat of a handover moment. It actually seemed as though it was more of a curse, as Johnson followed his career and took a leap forward, he cut out the string of action films delivering but a few and went straight into the kiddies and family market where he languished.

I can't say I thought much of the guy until I saw Walking Tall (Filmstalker review), a film I actually enjoy and have seen a few times since, it's a cool action film that has the feeling of the old hard men like Lee Marvin to it. Then I thought that Johnson could be the next big action star, and I meant big.

However that period in kids films just switched him off for me and I didn't really see anything from him. So when word came he was back to action with Faster, I was interested.

Now the teaser has me caught. It does feel a little like Walking Tall, and that's a good thing, but I'm sure the film has plenty of differences for us.

Directed by George Tillman Jr. and written by Joe and Tony Gayton, it stars Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Tom Berenger, Jennifer Carpenter, Maggie Grace, Moon Bloodgood and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. That's a not bad line-up.

The story sees Johnson playing a getaway driver who has just come out of prison after a ten year stint for a failed bank robbery. He's out for revenge for his brother was killed in the robbery, and there are four men who are responsible, he plans to kill each and every one.

However there are a few things that stand in his way. First are the people who couldn't get to him while he was inside, people who want him dead, then there's the policeman, played by Thornton, who is trying to track him down after his first kill, and the hitman, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who has the contract to take him down once he's outside the prison gates.

Update: You can now see the trailer over at Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition.

Update: International version which is almost identical to this one



Looks good! He comes across as a likeable guy, and that's why I enjoy watching him. Hopefully this film puts him back on track.


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