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Free Enterprise 2 engages warp drive?

FreeEnterprise.jpgFor those of you who haven't seen Free Enterprise it's a bit of a surprise, put to the side some comments that you have to be a "Trekkie" aka a hardcore Star Trek fan, I don't believe that's true because I'm certainly not, and yet I enjoyed seeing the film when I watched the DVD release over three years ago.

There's been talk of a sequel for a long time now, but something might just be happening on that front, and it could spell the return of William Shatner as well as some new, younger stars.

When I first received a review copy of Free Enterprise (Filmstalker review) I was less than excited. I hadn't really heard about the film before and was imagining something very cheap and very bad. However it starred William Shatner and Eric McCormack and so there had to be something in it, plus there were a lot of good things being said about it.

I was surprised, and gave the DVD a good review. There were plenty of extras and the film garnered a strong review as well, here's an excerpt of my review:

The film is surprisingly good, and I mean surprising from the moment when you read the blurb to the moment you begin watching, enjoying and amazingly connecting with it. You will connect with the characters and the film, and you will enjoy it. You can see Shatner giving an inspired performance as a complete anti-hero, who actually does turn out to be a hero after all, and the story of two friends who finally get their lives and become a little more serious about life. Yet they never lose that love of sci-fi...and let's face it who doesn't?

It is enjoyable, and it is funny, more so because there's real passion behind the film and a huge amount of reality. It's not so much about geekdom and more about the maturing and growing up, a guys film first and a geeks film second.

So could a sequel work after all this time? There's certainly still an audience, and the appearance of Shatner in the film would once again do wonders for it, plus there's plenty of new material with the new directions of Star Trek, the very good series Enterprise and the reboot of the entire franchise just recently with Star Trek (Filmstalker review).

Total Film have some information from somewhere that the sequel is going ahead and that William Shatner will be returning.

Not only that but they say that both Alicia Witt and Eliza Dushku recently Tweeted that they could be appearing in a film that's around twelve years old and not many people have seen, could that be Free Enterprise 2? Looking at the Tweets of the actresses there are a few reveals.

Here's what Eliza Dushku twittered:

Jun 30th 3:07 PM: "Omg- why did I turn into a little trekkie during AUS trip! Downloaded original series started w/ pilot, Man Trap.. Lol, it Rocks!"
Jun 30th 10:41 PM: "RT @begiled: @elizadushku Actually the first Capt Kirk ep of Star Trek is "Where No Man." "Man Trap" was shown 1st but filmed 5th. #trek ..."
Jun 30th 10:47 PM: "Anybody seen the movie "Free Enterprise?" Loved."
Jul 2nd 12:08 AM: "RT @aliciawitty: So has anyone seen the movie Free Enterprise? Just, y'know, totally random question."
Jul 2nd 11:43 PM: "I love Trek."

While Alica Witt twittered:

Jul 2nd 7:43 AM: "So has anyone seen the movie Free Enterprise? Just, y'know, totally random question."

Now that might have started from a totally random twitter which got picked up and made into something more, indeed if these weren't actresses would there be the connection there?

Really, I'm not sure, and with the confusion over the recent Back to the Future story, I've got my usual sceptical hat on, plus there aren't any references in the article as to where these facts are coming from, other than this conversation on Twitter.

Is there more to it? Is Free Enterprise 2 actually happening, and are these actresses and William Shatner really getting involved? Let's hope so as the original film was a lot of fun. Could we, and do we want to, see a bigger and better Free Enterprise film? Have you even seen the original?



I do hope so, the original was brilliant - full of little nuggets of geek humour.

Unfortunately, the executive producer of Free Enterprise 2 turned out to be a scam artist (wanted in Canada, believe it or not) who stiffed the entire crew for several weeks work.

The project is dead.

No way, that's terrible. Is there no way the project can be picked back up?

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